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Many people enjoy the time they spend in their backyards and patio after the day’s work as it helps to keep them relaxed before going back inside to spend the rest of the evening. Most times, you have no choice but to go back inside when mosquitoes become too much to handle, but we have helped you find the solution to that - Outdoor string light. The right outdoor string lights are very versatile and beneficial to your health.
Before now, lamps act as outdoor lights, and we had no choice but to use it. But the use of lamps and other outdoor lights do not provide us with benefits. Rather, they add more to our problems as they attract mosquitoes. We understand how devastating this can be and helping you choose the right outdoor string lights will help you overcome this problem.
Consider the Type of Outdoor Strong Lights
To get the right outdoor string light, ensure that you include the three primary types of lighting, including task lighting, ambiance lighting, and accent lighting.
Task lighting is gotten from security lights, plus deck and pathway lights. Ambiance lighting includes wall lights, hanging lights and post lights while accent lighting can be gotten from spotlights and landscape kits. Solar spotlights, LED or string lights are usually recommended for people on a modest budget or those with small patio.
Do the Calculation
Before stepping out to get your outdoor string light, you need to find out the exact amount of lighting you need. You can do this by calculating the area you want to light in square feet and multiplying it by 1.5. This will give you the idea of the total wattage needed. Alternatively, you can do your calculation by using this method - 50 square ft requires 75 watts, 100 square ft requires 150 watts, 200 square ft requires 300 watts, 300ft requires 450 watts and so on.
Plan Ahead
Another important thing you should do when choosing the best outdoor string lights is for you to observe your space and take the necessary measurements. If you're getting a string light, always ensure that it is at least one-third of the size of your door. Also, ensure that your string light is made from durable materials and resistant to water.
When compared to halogen bulbs, LEDs consume very little energy, and it costs very little to maintain them. You might even end up not changing your LED bulb after using it for years.
Look Out from Your Home
To help you make better decisions on the right outdoor string light to choose and also discover the best way to place it around your patio or yard, take a look at your garden and pathways from inside your house. For best results, use path lighting for your garden, and its surrounding areas and solar outdoor lighting for quicker results. You can take a view of your backyard from your living room and make your decision in no time.
Use Subtle Light for Guest Area
Of course, you need to put your guests into consideration when you're looking at the type of string light for your backyard. You wouldn't want a situation whereby your guests will feel embarrassed from the bright light shining on them as they talk or even eat. That's why it's important to use subtle light that glows softly where you receive your guests. Aside from this, subtle lightings also help your guests relax. You can use a dimmer to change the light when you're only relaxing and change it when you're eating.
Think About Security
Even though the primary reason you may be getting an outdoor string light is to create ambiance, you also need to think about your home's security. To ensure that your home is safe at all times, mount this light at all the entry points of your home to ensure that everywhere is well lit. Windows, garages, side doors and back doors need to have the needed illumination, and the right outdoor string light will help you achieve this.
Choosing the right outdoor string lights for your patio or backyard is essential for creating ambiance. You need to take the types of outdoor lighting, how much lighting you what and the positioning of the fixtures among other important things into consideration.
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