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In this day and age trying to stay secure is getting more and more difficult. Everything seems to be a safety risk. Things you would have thought were safe, no longer are. I mean, you cannot even keep documents laying around the house without the worry of them getting destroyed. People use websites, such as Basicsafe.us, to store their documents digitally.
I remember when I would back up files and images on a floppy disk. Then it turned into a CD or DVD. Over the years I moved those files to an external hard drive rather than keeping them on my computer. Now, people are using cloud-based systems. Security is constantly changing. I mean, we even use fiber optic cable now! That is a big difference from over the years in itself.
Simply using a safe in your home no longer suffices. Sure, it is great to keep physical valuable safe out of a child’s hands, but even burglars can get into those. I find those have become more of a place to not lose your most important of valuables rather than a place to keep them away from a thief.
Times are changing. There is no doubt that. I mean, people are even going to Empshield.com to check out the world’s first EMP protection technology for an entire home. Yes, you read that right. For those who do not know, an EMP Shield is designed to protect an entire home from lightning, solar flares, power surges, and an electromagnetic pulse. Basically, some pretty fancy protection!
Remember when people thought getting protection from RF readers was a crazy idea? Yet, over time people realized that was a thing that they needed protection from.
Privacy and security are an ever-evolving thing. Technology is great. However, with technology comes hackers, problems, and security breaches. Does it mean every piece of technology is bad? No, it just means the security measures we use to keep our information and secure from prying eyes will need to change as the technology changes.
There are a TON of ways to keep yourself safe and your information from landing in the wrong hands.

What is your best advice on keeping your information safe?

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