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Being behind the wheel and riding to your dreams has always been the escape that everyone wishes for. Choosing the perfect car to the finish line has never been an easy task. For all the motor freaks, it would be the decision of a lifetime. SUVs have a classy style to it, which makes those machines an excellent choice. With hundreds of companies on the list and much more cars in the market, narrowing down to the best model would have to have a considerable amount of thought put into it. Check out for reliable expert reviews of every car on your list before coming to that final decision. Here the Hyundai Tucson is being reviewed for its performance and features.
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Hyundai Tucson

Low cost has been the highlight of Hyundai's every revving beast. With every new model, they incorporated exciting features and made the product more appealing. Slightly trimmer than the Santa Fe and larger than the Kona, Tucson is among those set of cars that stick to the economic and less preferred side of Hyundai. The splendid interior is beckoning you to hop on for the ride with all the eyes of the road on Tucson's sleek exterior. The cabin is a well-equipped one when compared to the crossovers, and it also has two different choices (front/all-wheel drive) for the four-cylinder engines. Both these choices blend well with a six-speed automatic. 

Models, Engine, and Performance

The base model itself offers one great experience through the infotainment system (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) with the touchscreen, lane-keeping assist technology, and automated emergency braking. With these excellent features at the given price range for a base model, imagine the luxury that the top versions (Limited and Ultimate) can offer you with at a slightly higher rate. Initial tests have proven that the base 2-liter version delivered an average performance, whereas the 2.4-liter version is expected to perform better. The smoothness and body roll of the ride have not been compromised in the latest model, with the high suspension factor. 

What Has 2020 Brought Into The Model?

When compared to the 2019 model, the present one offers a wider range of exterior colors, steering with a leather-wrapping. In the Sport trim levels and the ones above it, shift knobs have been provided.
Tucson offers more trim levels than Chevy Equinox trim levels, which offers only 4 types. But when comparing the performance, Equinox has proven to be more efficient with the given limited numbers. 
The SE model costs about $24,500; Value-$26,000; SEL-$27,000; Sport-$29,000; Limited-$30,000; Ultimate-$33,000.
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How Are The Interiors?

The European-style design makes it the epic beauty to which it has been moulded into with the varied colors. Controls have been improved to be incredibly user-friendly. Ones who prefer a classy look could go for the beige cloth seating, as the all-black shade could impart the interiors with a total somber ambience. YES Essentials have provided the seats with high-quality clothing that claims to be odor repellent and stain-resistant. Leather clothing is available in the Limited and Ultimate models. 

Finish In Style

To hit the road or not is upto an individual, same is the case with opting this particular machine. You could also check the reviews of other SUVs of similar features and compare them before jumping into a decision. Pick your ride after proper deliberation so that you hit the finish line with all charm.

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