Seven outfits that will make your summer stylish, cool, and comfortable at the same time.

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The hot days of summer are around the corner again. After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, this summer could be the most normal one we will have in 2 years! So, now is the time to refresh your wardrobe to be summer-ready! So, now is the time to stock up all the essentials to get ready for all the summer barbeques, beach parties, and vacations!. And your summer clothes are as essential as it is to buy beauty products for summer to keep your skin fresh and protected in summer. It is just as important to protect ourselves from the harsh elements of summer while we soak up the sun and enjoy the warmth.
And summer is the session when you can pull off well-put-together casual looks.  But before every time we choose an outfit to wear, there comes the dilemma of deciding what to wear. To help us with this decision-making process, we rely on our sense of fashion, feedback from honest friends, and following fashion trends online and in magazines like Threadcurve or many others which are out there. But there will be some mornings when you just won’t be able to think? And on those days all the advice from fashion magazines, blogs or that fashion-conscious friend of yours won't be able to help you. And if you are just like me, you’re not much of a morning person,  and there are many more of us than you would think. And, apart from making it more difficult to miss things at home or miss a portion of the everyday schedule, it also makes putting together a wardrobe even more complicated.
To get out of this situation, you can create a roster of tried-and-tested, quick-and-easy looks in your wardrobe, which you know will always work for you. And these outfits could be made up of easy basic pieces which you already have hanging in your closet. We have put together seven summer looks that are fashionable and trendy and yet comfortable! Keep reading for the seven looks.

T-Shirt, Denim Shorts & Flats

This trio of casual wear should be your go-to choice as it is both comfortable and fashionable at the same time. This effortless look is easy to put together with some graphic brightly colored t-shirts paired with some daisy duke denim shorts and slip on some flats for the perfect outfit for the beach, a casual lunch date, or even for a friend’s barbeque. Pick breathable cotton and open-toed flats should the occasion allow it, and you will be cool throughout the hot day.
Take a plain black half-sleeved or sleeveless t-shirt and pair it with ripped denim mini shorts and a set of nice and comfortable slippers to achieve the sporty carefree look. And that should do the trick. Alternatively, a white lace half-sleeve or sleeveless t-shirt with denim trousers, a black cap, and a stylish set of flats or slippers may be paired. And if you're searching for perfect beachwear ideas, look no further. Instead, for a more casual look, wear a white and navy blue t-shirt, denim trousers, shades, and brown suede flats or flip flops. And you’ll be all set for some fun in the sun - remember to pack a bathing suit if you plan on going in the water. If stores near you are not open yet for in-person shopping, you can easily opt for some online shopping in the comfort of your home for your desirable outfits.

Muscle Tank, White Jeans & Sneakers

The muscle tank is basically the latest fashion wear that every fashionable girl has in her wardrobe, and it is getting more and more relevant as the summer heats up. And white is a color that is perfect for the bright hot summer sun. So if you want to go out in style, then you should pair your blue, beige, or any other light-colored muscle tank with a pair of faded white jeans and black, green, or any bright-colored sneakers. And you can easily add a cool pair of sunglasses to the mix. And you can wear this mix to high-end parties to your usual hangout because this mix of clothes is that trendy and comfy at the same time.

Printed Dress & Flat Sandals

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We all have the quintessential printed dress in our closet waiting for its day in the sun! You can never go wrong when you pair some casual flats with the dress and put together a fresh summery look that is also super comfy!  Here are some tips when wearing printed dresses:
  1. Go for neutral accessories to make sure that a multicolored print piece takes center stage.
  2. Choose a well-balanced dress that will show off one feature and avoid drowning in bold, busy patterns.
  1. Tone down the animal print with some chic neutral add-ons.
  2.  For a bolder look, add some vibrant accessories in colors that complement the vibrant print dress you are wearing.
  3. If you are wearing an unconventional pattern, don’t be afraid to go as offbeat as you want.
  4. You can be the picture of elegance in a more traditional print and if you pair that traditional pattern with stylish accessories.
Follow these tips to celebrate summer with elegance while being comfortable in your printed dress and flat sandals.

Tube Top, Jeans & Mules

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The much-loved tube tops from the 90s are back in fashion (90s kids rejoice!). And there's no better time to invest in one than the summertime. Because they’re not just fashionable, they are comfortable at the same time.  And it is hard to find a 90s teenage girl who can say that she did not wanna be like Britney Spears because all know that diva set this trend in motion. And nowadays, stars like Bella Hadid, Demi Lovato, and Olivia Culpo are just a few of the names that contributed to the comeback of tube tops. And women, stop worrying about any of the detrimental stereotypes that have been or continue to be connected with shoulder-baring tops. Tube tops can now be dressed up with a pair of fading or vibrant jeans and mules to look even more stylish. You might wonder if wearing mules might be a hazard in summer, but I can assure you that mules are gonna be just fine for your feet and also gonna make you look ravishing at the same time.

White Top & Jeans

White top & jeans are the most classic combo ever. Choice of footwear is definitely optional in this classic, but there's no wrong choice when you're pairing stilettos with such a classic combo as a white top and jeans. We don’t have to tell you why a nice flowy white top is perfect for the summer. You can go for baggy, faded, torn, or distressed jeans because this kind of jeans will ensure more ventilation than your normal pair of jeans -which is a must in the summer heat.

Button-Down, Shorts & Sandals

If you are bored with t-shirts, tops, and printed dress combos, then go for the button-down shirt over shorts look. This season, wavy, boxer-style shorts will be your best companion. And the majority of people's preferred way to dress them right now is with an extra-large button-down added on top. Because you will get a different and attractive look by wearing those button-downs, also they'll let your upper body breathe a bit in summer. And the shorts let you showcase your beautiful legs while keeping you cool. Pair this look with a pair of sandals, and you are off to the races - or the picnic in the park.

Oversize T-Shirt, Printed Pants & Sandals

If you wanna mix up things a little bit, go for this combo. Because in this combo, you can just grab your best-oversized sleep t-shirt and prettiest pajama pants to make this one work, and just add a nice pair of black sandals, and you`re good to go. And the perks of this combo are: firstly, it will make you look funky, and at the same time, the oversize T-Shirt and the printed pants or pajama will let your whole body breathe in summer. And as I mentioned before, flats and sandals go with every look.
Summer is short and time flies when you are basking in the glory of the summer sun. Keep your look simple, crisp, cool, and casual to enjoy all that sunshine. Comfort and fashion can go together perfectly well - the seven looks we presented proves that. Above all, you can mix and match the looks to multiply the seven looks to 28 and have a new look for every day of the week. Happy Summer!