Calling all the ’90s kids! Look for this throwback cereal at your local Walmart!
We’ve been hearing for a while now that a Dunkaroos Cereal might be in the works, and now we can confirm that it’s really happening! The snack you loved to dunk in the ’90s is now back in the form of cereal.
Dunkaroos Breakfast Cereal is currently available both in-store and online at in family-sized boxes for $3.64!
The new Dunkaroos Cereal is shaped like little sprinkle-covered cookies, and the taste is said to be reminiscent of the vanilla frosting you may remember from the original Dunkaroos in the 1990s. So grab a box on your next Walmart run (or add one to your next Walmart Grocery order) and pour yourself a big bowl full of nostalgia!
For the full experience, turn on some Saturday morning cartoons while you eat, pop in your favorite mixtape, or just enjoy the fun ’90s trivia that comes on the back of the cereal box.
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