spaymart I`m not the type who generally posts "help animals" or "help this and that"  unless you can do so and it`s free. BUT with it being the holiday season and there`s a great cause I just had to make a quick little post. As you all know we have 4 cats - all of which were adopted. We adopted the 2 older ones from Project Purr and our 2 newest additions from Spaymart who were at our local PetsMart. Each time we adopted we came home with 2 and had no original plans to just adopt. Let me share our adoption journey if I may. No, I`m not getting paid for this post or anything of that nature. It`s truly from the heart because I seriously feel like I can`t thank companies/charities enough like this who take care of these animals and find them great homes. A little over a year ago when I was still working at Walgreens, before I became pregnant and all that good stuff a customer came into the store. She had some stray kittens around her house and asked if we would like one. She needed to get rid of them and she had only one "nice" one that didn`t hiss and claw at people. Well after begging the hubby (who was completely opposed to a cat) and getting him to agree we had a new kitten who we named Minnie. She was an adorable little black and white kitten. Well the same week we had planned to get her fixed, check ups, all that good stuff (about a month or so after having her) she got out the door and ran away. For a month non stop my husband went door to door, put out the litter box, set traps, cat food, checked local shelters, etc. trying to find her. One neighbor who saw a kitten with her description even allowed us to put the trap in her yard to try to get her. Of course we ended up catching every other cat in the neighborhood but not our dear Minnie. We were all pretty upset about it. My husband who was so opposed to a cat before hand had fallen in love with her when he saw her. Of course she wasn`t exactly the sweetest little kitten, but she was adorable and we loved her and as you can imagine Sophia was heartbroken. She`ll even see photos today and say she misses her kitty. project purr Moving forward, the hubby and I took a little day trip for ourselves to the Mall of Louisiana which is Baton Rouge. Basically just a day to get away and have a day for ourselves. Little did we expect to come with new pets, but that`s exactly what happened. As we were walking around the mall there was a little stand set up for Project Purr. It had just a few cats and kittens so we figured we`d stop and look just in case Minnie some how had made her way that way. I know, highly doubtful, but we were hoping. Of course Minnie was not there, but a bunch of cute kitties. Now typically I have it in my mind the younger kittens when adopting, but there were two sister kittens that were 6 months who caught our attention. Like I said, this was a bit older than we imagined even adopting, but these two captured our hearts. We named them Tiger and Lily. Tiger had taken a liking to me and her sister Lily was pulling my husband in. We were only going to adopt one, but when they told us they would do half price for the 2nd plus they were sisters - how could we say no?! Those 2 cats knew exactly how to lure us in. We fell in love with them right away and they got comfortable in our home really quick and of course were getting spoiled like crazy. We felt complete again with our home and had two new babies with completely different personalities, but as sweet as could be. We were happy. Project Purr provided the information to the foster family of the kitties to us in case we had any questions or concerns and was super friendly along with the process. The adoption process was quick and easy and definitely gained my full support! Of course, since we had our Tiger and Lily we were definitely not looking to expand our home anymore by any means, but of course once again things went as unexpected. No runaway kitties this time though. After dinner one evening my husband and I decided to pass through our local PetsMart just to browse and see if they had any good markdowns on stuff. As we walked passed there was a section with a few kittens up for adoption. Oh I fell in love with a little orange one and then a little black one. My husband fell in love with an orange and white kitten. We sat there petting them through the cage as we talked about it and both were dreading leaving those adorable little kittens, so we were ready to adopt. One problem though, the adoption agency who handles the adoptions had just left for the evening!! We were so upset because we had our hearts set on those adorable kittens. Come to find out it`s Spaymart who handles those adoptions and we were sure to be there first thing the next day to adopt our babies. Sophia was at a sleep over with her grandparents so we had no issues getting up early and we were there before Spaymart even arrived! I told you, we had our hearts set. Well out of the two I kept playing with and loved, the orange one was adopted to a home already. I was a little sad because that`s who first caught my attention before the little black one came out demanding attention. Much to my surprise though the little black one remembered me and came for more attention that morning and she was still available! The one above the black ones my husband kept talking about that I kind of had been ignoring was also still available and I saw how much my husband taken to him I couldn`t say no. So there we were with the next set of babies to adopt: Mouse (black kitten) and Houdini (orange and white kitten). It`s a good thing the other one wasn`t available because these two were just the perfect addition (and I think final addition for quite a while) to our home! Once again the adoption process was quick and easy. Of course the challenging part was introducing them to Tiger and Lily. We read up on it and slowly introduced them to each other, watching them closely and keeping them separated for about 2 days with slow introductions. After we got to day 3 and 4 where they had enough "sniffing each other out" they all have become inseparable! Houdini is our only male pet so I guess he feels like Mr. Pimp Kitty because he`ll go lay by any of the girls and get spoiled with being groomed. He absolutely hates water, but can jump really high with graceful and soft landings. He also likes to nibble on toes to wake you up. Now that it`s Christmas time and we have our tree up (which just has lights and garland on it this year) he likes to climb the tree, pull down the lights and garland as well as jump on our kitchen counter to try and get into things when no one is looking. He`s the quiet trouble maker I guess you could say. He also enjoys stealing Sophia`s plush toys - including a plush baby doll! He`s not the cuddle type, but he does like to hop in your lap from time to time to get a pet and say hi, but then moves on to go play or nap. Mouse is the little baby of the bunch. Ever since bringing her home she treats me like I would be her mom. Whenever we go to bed she is sure to curl up and sleep next to me, sometimes in a "hugging" position with her paw across me. I love it! When it comes time for a nap she often jumps in my lap while I`m at the computer and goes right to sleep. She is also the little trouble maker because she will get into anything you let her! If you`re eating, she takes her paws and grabs your bowl in attempts to stealing your food. She also will sneak into the refrigerator while putting groceries away and play on the shelves or sneak into the dryer when folding clothes - very adventurous! Her favorite toys are the little fuzzy mice for $0.99 that you find at Petco/PetsMart. She also uses her cuteness to her advantage when she`s in trouble and knows she can get away with anything! Oh if you could only see the faces she makes! Tiger has gotten to be a bit lazy and basically just loves napping. She also loves being pet and having her belly rubbed. Her favorite spot to sleep is at the foot of the bed and lately she sleeps on my heating pad if I leave it out (not on usually). If she does play she prefers to play with the feather tickler type toy. I find she`s more of the "mama" kitty of the bunch and more laid back. Lily was becoming lazy until we brought home Mouse and Houdini. She was the first of her and her sister to warm up to them. Now she plays a lot and ALWAYS wants to play ball. Her favorite toys are those little balls with the bells in them and she even has her favorite of those as well believe it or not! Well what`s crazy is her newest thing is that she grabs her ball and will drop it at your feet and she wants you to throw it for her to play fetch. If you throw it, she will go get it and bring it right back. She doesn`t place it in your hand, but she drops it in front of you. She often walks around with her ball in her mouth crying to get your attention to play. If you don`t pay attention you will look down a while later to find a collection of balls at your feet! Like I said, each has their own distinct personality, but love each other dearly. One thing that stood out to me about adopting from Spaymart was that not too long after bringing our new babies home, Mouse had what turned out to be ringworms on her ears. The lady we did our adoption through gave us products to help clear up the ringworms without any additional charge and even encourages to call if we need anything for the babies as far as simple things go. Before that Houdini had some gunk in his eye and a little infection. I rushed him to the vet at PetsMart because I was worried about him and didn`t want to wait because the poor little guy was miserable. Well while at the vet I called to see if they would cover the charge (they don`t) since we had just gotten him a few days prior. Since they don`t (I should have called them first but mommy was worried) I went on with the visit, got his meds, etc. After I got home I had gotten a call from Spaymart just to check up on him to make sure he was okay and I needed anything else to let them know so they could help out. If they can help they`re willing to help and not many places offer that. It honestly showed me how much they care for the animals. Not one of the places that says "okay your animal, your problem" - which of course I love because I want to know they`re in it for the animals and not the money or anything else. I know this is a long post, but my point is both of these companies DO care for their pets and they show it. They are both great to deal with and both want to see their animals in a loving home. They don`t do crazy adoption requirements, just a basic interview and some paper work. They want to make sure your home is adequate for the pet(s) you`re adopting and that you can afford them as well - but they don`t invade your privacy either. Both were super friendly with smiles on their faces. I wish I could adopt all the little kitties, but unfortunately we don`t have the room, time, money, etc for all that. So if you do have the extra funds, I encourage you to help support Spaymart by donating here or making a forever home for one of their babies and/or supporting Project Purr by donating here or adopting one of their babies! spaymart