Last night I made my 1st post on my couponing. Now I know paying $2 for $35 wasn`t a big deal to the big time couponers, but remember, I`m a beginner and once I REALLY get the hang on it I`m sure I`ll be looking back laughing at myself! BUT until then, I`m still thrilled! I Got $29.39 worth of items for $2.16!!
Bic Comfort 3 Pivot Razors (4 razors): $3.82
-$3 MFG Coupon
Bic Soleil Bella  4 Razors: $5.94
-$3 MFG Coupon -$2.97 Walgreens Coupon
Bic Soleil Citron Pivot (4 Razors): $5.09
-$2.97 Walgreens Coupon
-$2 MFG Coupon
Bengay Pain Relief + Massage: $4.24
-$3 MFG Coupon
-$1 Walgreens MFG Coupon Printed at Reg
(2) Reach Tooth Brushes: $0.84/each
-$2 MFG Coupon
Subtotal: $0.86
Sales Tax: $1.33
Total Discount: $3.67
Total Walgreens Coupon Savings: $5.94
Total Advertised Savings: $5.78
Total MFG Savings: $14 Please share your savings with us! And if you have any tips please feel free to share!! **Keep in mind my employee discount lowered the price on items just a bit. So keep that in mind when comparing prices.
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