We have another wonderful guest post about coupons!
Coupons are one of my favorite ways to save money.  There are lots of ways to increase your income and decrease spending, but with coupons you do not have to cut back or work harder.  You simply buy the things you need at a decreased cost. There are many techniques for finding and using coupons and the most common is the newspaper.  The difference between the newspaper coupons today and the newspaper coupons of yesteryear is value.  The average coupon is now worth more than $1.00.  There are coupons on frozen vegetables, milk, eggs, cheese, fresh foods, cereal, meats, and more.  Another difference is the wonderful internet!  The internet can save you time when you clip your coupons. The newspaper is still the first place people look for coupons.  There are three main inserts that are in your Sunday newspaper: Red Plum (RP), Smartsource (SS), and Proctor and Gamble (PG).  PG inserts generally come out once per month and the other two are weekly.  You can ask friends and family members to give you the insert, subscribe to a Sunday paper, or purchase it from a gas station.  I do not recommend purchasing from a newspaper stand if you are looking for the inserts.  They tend to be ransacked early in the morning by people who steal the inserts.  Go inside the gas station to purchase the newspaper. Once you have your coupons write the date and type (RP, SS, or PG) on the front page and put it in a coupon file.  Do not clip a thing! Next you will need to find a blog that does your local store coupon match.  My own blog, Little People Wealth, does a coupon match for HyVee, Price Chopper, CVS, and Walgreens.  If you want to do your own match then head on over to WeUseCoupons and use their coupon database to find the coupons for the items your store has on sale and the items you are planning on purchasing.  They will give you a date and the abbreviation for the insert the coupon is in.  For example, 5/16 SS means the coupon can be found in the 5/16 Smartsource insert.  Find the items you want, go to that insert, and clip the one coupon you need.  You will never have to clip a coupon that you do not plan on using. The real money to be saved is with your non-food products.  47% of coupons are for non-food items and almost everybody uses toothpaste, toothbrushes, medication, and the like.  You can get all these products for free using coupons and the drugstore deals.  That frees up your budget for other things that you might need. There are lots of other places to find coupons and once you get used to that you can even move on to rebates!  It is best to start small and get used to it.  Start by getting used to the newspaper coupons and later you can enter the world of printables and rebates! My name is Heidi and I write about frugal tips at Little People Wealth.  My blog teaches you how to save money on the things that you can so you have more money for the things you want.  I also write for Budget a Wedding, a blog that helps you have the wedding of your dreams on a realistic budget.  I hope you found this guest post interesting and I hope to see you at my site soon!
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