Zodiac Wine Glass #Review   About Luminarc

Before being able to certify their benefits, before advertising them with a pictogram on their packaging, Luminarc products undergo all sorts of excessive treatment : all the tableware goes through the `quality qualification laboratory` where all kinds of control and testing instruments designed to replicate daily use are available. During the manufacturing process, numerous tableware items (plates, dishes, bowls, cups and some glasses) go through a specific thermal treatment called tempering in order to guarantee a better mechanical and thermal resistance. Two to three times stronger (depending on the item) than most items of similar thickness, tempered Luminarc products are therefore able to withstand numerous shocks.   All Luminarc tableware items withstand normal dishwasher use. The tests carried out at Arc International`s laboratory ensure that the decorations of the plates as well as the sparkle of glasses can easily cope with the various attacks carried out by the dishwasher on a daily basis. All Luminarc products which have the "microwave" picture are made from tempered glass which makes them more resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks, hence safe to use in the microwave. The majority of Luminarc products are made of glass. This is a non porous material in all of its forms (Opal, Zenix®, transparent or colored glass) and therefore doesn`t retain any micro organisms which could lead to a bacterial contamination. More and more Luminarc® decors are made with 0% lead and cadmium, the first collection with these features being Color Vibrance.

  [bctt tweet="The Virgo Zodiac Sign Wine Glass is a gorgeous class! #ZodiacWineGlass"]   The Virgo Zodiac Sign Wine Glass is a gorgeous glass! It features my zodiac symbol for a Virgo etched into the glass. The design is nicely done. It`s simple, but looks great. The glass is pretty tall compared to other glasses I`ve own, but it`s not huge as it holds 19 ounces of wine (or drink of choice). It is slightly too tall to fit into my cabinet - which is a standard 3 shelf cabinet. The glass is a nice quality and has a bit of weight to it. It`s nothing like the `cheap` stuff at some of the local stores I`ve gotten. It actually has a decent thickness to the glass, not the thin flimsy stuff. It`s comfortable to hold while in use. Much to my surprise this wine glass is even dishwasher safe for a nice cleaning after use. Overall it`s a great glass to enjoy some wine in!

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