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/a>I checked out the Phantom Fit Wrist Wraps to see the benefits for myself - well for my husband to check it out mostly. These wraps are high quality, well made, and quite durable. My husband stated he noticed quite a difference when he used the straps compared to when he doesn`t use the straps. Rather than having pained wrists after a workout he didn`t feel as much stain and little to no pain. These were definitely something he was excited about getting and loves to use!Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Crossfit/Powerlifting/Bodybuilding/Gym Training #Review Wrist wraps are a basic and effective weight lifting accessory. They are used to help lifters keep correct form in their wrists while lifting. They are important for people who have had wrist injuries, but are a useful tool for everyone. Wrist wraps are intended to enhance your grip around a barbell, dumbbell or resistance cable machine. The wraps force you to concentrate on target muscle groups when exercising, by securing your wrist to a weight. Wrist wraps can also lessen the stress and fatigue your wrists and hands experience during a weightlifting session. Not wearing wrist wraps correctly can actually cause you to ruin your workout and weaken the muscle group you are intending to strengthen. If you tighten too much, you can interrupt the circulation of blood, which will lead to weaker grasp and potentially an injury. To use wrist wraps properly, first position the unrolled wrap behind your wrist with the velcro facing out and take the thumb loop and place it over your thumb. Pull the fastening end taut toward your body so that the wrap lines up evenly with your wrist. Proceed to wrap it around your wrist, as far as the circumference of your wrist will allow. Pull tight and fasten – tight enough for comfortable support, but not so tight as to cut off circulation. At this point, you can undo the thumb loop if you like. Wrist Wraps Benefits Wrist wraps can enable you to train more frequently with heavier weights and more repetitions. By focusing on a specific muscle without limitations, you may gain more strength and muscle size. A person will get the most power by keeping one`s wrists in line with the forearm and elbow, as well as keeping the bar in this line. When your wrists bend back, you lose a lot of power. So, when you`re going for maximal effort, you should use wrist wraps to insure that your wrists don`t bend back, making you lose the lift. New research indicates that using wrist wraps under certain conditions is necessary for safety reasons. Recent studies have revealed that nearly a million Americans visited emergency rooms between 1990 and 2007 due to weight training injuries. Since many of the injuries involved the wrist, it has become more apparent that wrists need to be protected during certain weight lifting and bodybuilding activities.

Injuries that can be reduced or prevented

There are several types of injuries that can be reduced or prevented by using wrist wraps. Many of these injuries may occur more frequently or be more serious than most power lifters and bodybuilders realize. Some of these conditions are frequently misdiagnosed or have gone unreported for various reasons. However, all weight lifters and bodybuilders should become aware of the risks involving these conditions: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Carpal tunnel is typically classified as an overuse injury that is generally caused by repetitive actions over a long period. It`s primarily characterized by the median nerve becoming entrapped or compressed by the surrounding tendons. The symptoms can include any combination of finger mobility motion problems, numbness, pain extending to the elbow, tingling, weak grip, muscle weakness, and wrist pain. Carpal tunnel treatment can include splinting or wrist braces, taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and not stressing the wrist. In some cases, surgery may be required. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is commonly misdiagnosed as arthritis. However, there are also numerous conditions that are misdiagnosed as being Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, such as Ulnotriquetra Tear. Syndesmosis - Mostly occurs when a wrist is bent too far beyond its normal range of motion. For power lifters and bodybuilders, this may happen if they attempt to lift weights that their bodies are not ready to handle. Syndesmosis causes a greater level of pain as the damage to the interosseous membrane increases. This injury is frequently left untreated, as it is misdiagnosed as a sprain. However, if it`s left untreated, the damage can become irreversible. Syndesmosis is usually treated with cartilage-stimulating supplements, wrist braces and cryotherapy. In some cases, surgery is required. Tendinitis - Another type of overuse injury, tendinitis occurs when the wrist becomes inflamed, irritated and swollen. The symptoms may include heat, redness and pain, which may increase with activity or at night. The typical treatment for tendinitis includes cryotherapy, immobilization, physical therapy, rest and taking NSAIDs Wrist Strain - Typically classified as an overuse injury, strains occur when a muscle or tendon is pulled or twisted. The symptoms may include any combination of cramping, inflammation, limited motion, muscle spasms, pain, swelling, and weakness. Treatment for wrist strain usually includes cryotherapy, wrist braces/splints, and taking NSAIDs. In some cases, surgery is required.

The difference between wrist wraps and wrist straps

Many beginners may confuse wrist wraps with wrist straps. However, wraps are used for supporting and stabilizing the wrist, as well as reducing the amount of strain placed on muscles. They can also be used for targeting specific muscles during training sessions. On the other hand, straps are generally used for pulling exercises, such as deadlifts, shrugs, and barbell rows. Although straps do help to support the wrist, their primary function is for assisting with lifting heavier weights and not protecting the wrist.


Obviously, the benefits of the wraps are many when they are used correctly. They encourage you to use proper form by concentrating on the specific muscle group being worked out, making your workout more beneficial in less time. They can help to prevent fatigue and injury and can work as protection for older injuries. Additionally, they often make it possible for the lifter to lift heavier weights comfortably. Wrist wraps should be used when lifting activities will force the wrist beyond its normal range of motion. They should definitely be used while lifting extremely heavy weights during activities that would place undue stress on the wrists. If you want to train and compete, it`s important to have the right gear and wrist wraps are definitely a must. MyReview I checked out the North East Fitness Wrist Wraps to see the benefits for myself - well for my husband to check it out mostly. These wraps are high quality, well made, and quite durable. My husband stated he noticed quite a difference when he used the straps compared to when he doesn`t use the straps. Rather than having pained wrists after a workout he didn`t feel as much stain and little to no pain. These were definitely something he was excited about getting and loves to use! Best of all, unlike other straps, these have a gel grip for a more comfortable use. Interested in trying them for yourself? Grab these for just $10.97 and get FREE shipping if you`re an Amazon Prime member. That`s a 56% discount off the regularly listed price of $24.99! buy now amazon prime
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