SMART & EASY® Plus Magnetic Cell Phone Holder #smatandeasyplus #Review Need something to help prop your phone up for whatever reason? Consider checking out this SMART & EASY® Plus Magnetic Cell Phone Holder. You can grab it for just $18.99 and get FREE shipping if you`re an Amazon prime member. That`s a 62% discount off the regularly listed price of $49.99! Woah!
  • * SUPERIOR BUNDLE - SMART & EASY Plus universal tablet mount is STRONG, SMART & BEAUTIFUL. Your Complete SMART & EASY Plus universal mount Bundle comes with a Pack of Bonuses to make sure you mount your device with complete confidence and provide Super Value for money.
  • * SLEEK AND EASY TO USE - Securing your device with our tablet holder mount is EFFORTLESS....Simply stick the included adhesive based disk in cell phone mount to the back of your Phone/Tablet and bring it closer to our SUPER MAGNET with metallic disc centered, SEE how the MAGICAL MAGNETIC FORCE of SMART & EASY Plus tablet holder mount pulls your device. NO MORE juggling with CLIPS, CLAMPS or PUSH BUTTONS to mount your device securely.
  • * KEEP YOUR PHONE IN VIEW - Never put yourself in DANGER AGAIN while driving! Our New SMART & EASY Plus Cell Phone Car mount allows you to keep yourself up-to-date on everything flashing across your DEVICE`s screen, WITHOUT risking your own SAFETY. This 360 Degrees Adjustable dash mount is designed to keep your device SAFE FROM FALLING, and has been EXTENSIVELY TESTED to ensure that our tablet holders magnetic pull doesn`t harm your electronics at all.
  • * PREMIUM QUALITY - SMART & EASY Plus cell phone dash mount holder is developed using PREMIUM GRADE metal, SUPERIOR QUALITY MAGNETS and POWERFUL 3M ADHESIVES giving our car tablet phone mount UNIQUE Shape, Design, Look, Quality and Durability. Our SUPER STRONG Magnet enables one touch mounting of your device like BREEZE. SMART & EASY Plus car tablet mount gives attractive LOOK to your vehicle INTERIOR unlike other tablet holders for car on the market.
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MyReview This is a simple, but useful gadget for those who often use their phone. This kit comes with a little pedestal that has a powerful ball magnet on it, and a round piece that fits on the magnet ball. Then you stick a round metal disk on or in your phone case. The magnet holds very good while driving and holds position well if you want to face it a certain angle. Even though it holds on tight, it`s easy to remove. If you have a thick case you want to use the small metal plate and mount it on the exterior back of the case. If you have a thin case or no case at all you can use the larger metal plate and put it between your battery and the back of your phone. Please note, if you keep your phone with the magnet in it alongside your wallet, the magnet may affect your credit card chip. Keep them separate. I have NOT personally had a problem yet, but some people have. I have a Samsung Note 4 phone that I tested this out on and used it for proping up on my desk for my 2 year old son to watch movies on my phone for a little while - he loved it! After further investigation, I found it also works great to support my phone in the car as well to help with hands-free driving! Installing this gadget is easy - Be sure to clean the surface area where the ball mount is going to attach with the enclosed alcohol wipe. Once dry, remove the paper and press the sticky plate onto your dash. Needless to say I`m quite happy with this gadget and would certainly recommend it to anyone considering one! 1f4b0 Get Cash back on this purchase by using TopCashBack! Sign up here for FREE!
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