Wow! This was a pleasant surprise! Today when my mail arrived I received another package from Diamond Candles! Now I just did my review on them yesterday (which you can read here) which is why I am taken by a much pleasant surprise!  So look at this post as a recent update!
I received another Tropical Retreat scented soy candle. Of course once again I cheated and dug my ring out of it. For those of you who missed my review and are too lazy to go read it- every candle from Diamond Candles has a ring in it. Each ranging from $10 in value to $5,000 in value. Once again I got a $10 value ring, but once again it is beautiful! In fact, I think this ring has to be my favorite of the three I have seen so far. Probably because it`s pink.
Any how, after obnoxiously digging my beautiful new ring out I put the excess wax back into the jar, snipped the wick a slight bit and lite it up. I decided to enjoy the candle as I did some house cleaning.  I worked around the house for about a good 2.5-3 hours. That candle hardly melted down! I noticed the scent, but I also come to realize that it`s not over powering. You will notice it in your house, but you`re not going to gag! This is something those who are sensitive to fragrances can enjoy.
I highly encourage all of you to check out Diamond Candles all over the web:
To see the types of rings that people have gotten out of their candles, click HERE. Diamond candles are $24.95, plus shipping and handling, (It may seem pricey for a candle, but remember they have a ring in each candle worth between $10 and $5000) from their online store. They DO accept Paypal, so if you don`t have a credit card, don`t worry you can still get one. Also if you buy one from their online store you will receive a $5 coupon code you can share with your friends.

Thanks Diamond Candles for a great another product, it was a complete pleasure to review!