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If you`re anything like me you`re looking for ways to save money. You probably use coupons during your shopping trips. Of course, if you`re like me, your coupons tend to be unorganized and forgotten at home and by the time you actually remember to use them, they have gone expired! So much for those savings! Well, luckily there is a Coupon Binder to help you with all that! I was so excited when I received the opportunity to try out one of these binders! It comes with the binder, spiral notebook, pencil pouch, 35 quick flip tabs, 50 9-pocket pages, Coupon sorting mats, and a reusable grocery bag!
Everything you need to go shopping with! I love how it`s organized and ready to go. Such a simple thing, yet very complex. It has all the tabs you will need to keep your coupons organized and easy to find. Such as a "produce" tab, "snack Foods & Chips" tab, and a lot more! The pouches provided to hold your coupons are wonderful! I can easily spot the coupons I need when I need them. No more flipping through a pile of coupons! I just put them in the proper section of my binder and when I need them, I can just flip to the page and find them. Easily in view and easy to remove when it`s time to purchase my items!
The notebook provided is handy so I can make quick shopping lists or make notes or whatever I may need to make note of during my shopping trip. The pencil pouch is great for just that! A pen/pencil is easily available when I need one. I can also put my calculator in there in case I need one during my shopping experience!
The Coupon Binder System is a MUST HAVE for ANYONE who uses coupons. Especially if you`re really bad at remembering to use them, or bad at organizing them! I highly recommend purchasing a binder like this for sure! The Coupon Binder System is only $34.99 plus you get free shipping on this choice!
Looking for other items to help organize your coupons? Just check out The Coupon Binder`s Product Page!
Free Shipping on all orders $13.99 and up! Enter the code "VALUEDCUST" at checkout. 
More about The Coupon Binder System:
Binder- Sturdy 3-ring view binder to hold your coupons. This particular type of binder is chosen for a few reasons. First is the rididness of the outside. This makes it easier to prop the binder diagonally over the baby seat of the grocery cart. Secondly, in the flaps are pockets that make it handy to hold shopping lists or other loose items. This keeps them handy, clean, and neat. Lastly, as your binder fills with coupons, there will be times when it will be bulging. The open binder allows for these changes easily and saves you the cost of an expensive zipper binder when you won`t use the zipper. Spiral Notebook- This is included for 2 reasons. First is to make it convenient to make shopping lists. One trick of saving money is to buy items when they are on sale, not at the very moment you need them. If you are running low of an item in your pantry, write it in the notebook so you can look for it on sale. Secondly, the notebook is included to track store sales. This is handy when you are first start to learn "The Game". It is important to know what a rock bottom price is for an item and stock up at that time. Pencil Pouch- The pencil pouch is included to hold the pen for writing your lists, highlighter to circle the items you want to buy in the store ads, 3 store envelopes to carry coupons specific to that store, and scissors if you feel like you need to carry those around (scissors not included). The pencil pouch is also handy to put loose coupons in if you don`t end up using them in the store. 35 Quick Tabs- These are what make the coupon binder system so convenient. Narrow and specific categories make it easy to find the coupons you need quickly. The tabs have been placed according to the general layout of a store. They start with the produce section working by aisles and ending with the frozen food and refrigerated sections. 9-Pocket Pages- Along with the category tabs, the 9 pocket pages are the heart and soul of the coupon binder system. They make it easy to see at a glance what coupons you have and their expiration dates. Coupon Sorting Mats- Located in the back cover, these will save you tons of time and frustration as you organize your coupons. You will find the same categories in the same order, that are on the quick flip tabs. As you clip or after you clip all of your coupons, sort them onto the correct categories on the mats. Reusable Grocery Bag- Some grocery stores will actually give you money back every time you use a a reusable bag. In addition, the bag makes it handy to keep/carry your binder, store ads, and uncut coupons together.
So what are the more detailed specs of this binder as per the web site?
Developed and refined by a Family, Home, and Consumer Scientist, Professional Organizer, and mother of three.  This method has been tested by hundreds of people and has a PROVEN track record of saving time and money on your grocery shopping.
The Coupon Binder System consists of a HEAVY DUTY, stylish, 3 ring binder that is easy to use in the grocery cart and the MOST coupon organization pages and tabs of any other binder on the market.  With the flick of the wrist you can see all of your coupons. Thus saving you time and $$.  You will also get our Sorting Mats that will cut your coupon organizing time in half. is dedicated to helping the environment. When you purchase a binder system you will receive a stylish reusable bag to carry your binder, ads, and groceries in.  Who says you can't have it all? With our coupon organizer system now you can!
Do you have any questions or comments about this binder or any of the other products? Feel free to contact Jennie Boyer, the founder of The Coupon Binder at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she would be happy to assist you in any way she can! Be sure to mention Closet of Free Samples sent you! Also, don`t forget to check out her blog for more money and time-saving tips at! I`m following her on google friend connect & I think you should too!
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