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bouncy balls I`m not sure what everyone`s age is on here, but when I was growing up I absolutely LOVED bouncy balls! Seriously. They are such a simple toy, yet so entertaining, especially back in a world of no internet all day - unless you wanted your parents to kill you for tying up the phone line with dial up! I recently discovered a website dedicated to all things bouncy ball related called Super Bouncy Balls. They have every sort of ball you can think of and they were awesome enough to send me quite a few to try out. More like a whole bag of them to be exact! On top of that they also sent me a bouncy ball making kit! bouncy balls My night got off to a bouncy start. You see I had a chance to bounce around a rubber band ball, little bouncy balls, big bouncy balls and even a moon bouncy ball. Yes, I received a larger sized bouncy ball shaped and even has craters just like a moon! Call me a nerd, but I think that`s my favorite of all of them, especially with all these meteor showers and such that`s been going on this year. I received a star filled bouncy ball and bouncy balls with items on the inside. I received quite a unique collection! bouncy balls My husband loves the smaller bouncy balls because he can do magic tricks with them. He knows some pretty good tricks and does all sorts of stuff, but I made him do something quick and simple just to be able to post it in here to show y`all! You see, Sophia absolutely can`t get enough of the tricks and I`ve been a fan of magic since a young child. I know how some of his tricks go, but I always tell him not to tell me because it`s not so magical. Anyway, the point is if you`re a magician yourself or know someone who is just starting out, these would make a great stocking stuffer for them to incorporate into their tricks!
As far as the bouncy balls go I LOVE them. They brought back wonderful childhood memories when I received my package and Sophia absolutely can`t get enough of them. In fact, I honestly don`t know a child who has ever had too many balls. Sophia went through a stage that every time we went to the store she wanted a new ball. It didn`t matter what size or style she just wanted a new one. Anyway, the bouncy balls I received were the same high quality ones I used to buy at the store as a child. They weren`t those cheap, chinky balls you buy today, which I have to say was a definite plus! I can bounce them without them cracking and splitting apart and they actually bounce high! The blue odd shaped one bounces all crazy, as does the rubber band ball, but other than that they all have a good bounce to them. Who would have thought we would ever have to mention that in a review? ball making Not only did I get the bouncy balls to check out, but I also got a couple of bouncy ball makers. Wow! I remember making those back in the day too! Now, I will admit that they never did make that great of a bouncy ball because mine never really would bounce very good, BUT they were always fun to make. It`s really fascinating to learn how things are made and great for young children just starting to learn science or who just love to make things. It`s a simple process that doesn`t take long at all. Hey, maybe you can figure out the secret to making the bouncy ball super bouncy that I seem to keep missing? Again, not 100% my favorite thing due to how effect the bounce is, but as I said it is super fun and again brings back wonderful childhood memories which area always fun to relive. display case Adding on to the excitement I also received a bouncy ball display case. What makes this case unique is that it`s a case that reminds me of a giant lego with the exception of being able to use it as a display. I received the large case which is rather thing in appearance so at first I questioned how on earth was that going to work. I mean It`s thin enough for paper or something thin along those lines, but bouncy balls? Well sure enough it works! The secret? The clear covering you see actually stretches. Now I wouldn`t push that by trying to put anything large in it, but the bouncy balls or maybe a smaller action figure fit great! It was easy to put the balls on display and seal it back up. Best part? If you have a large collection of similar items you can piece them together since they have the "lego block style" top and bottom. Pretty neat huh? moon ball Needless to say I had an AWESOME experience with Super Bouncy Balls. My items were shipped to me much quicker than expected and I had a throwback of childhood memories. The bouncy balls had the whole family ecstatic. My husband was just as thrilled as I was to see that they bounced just as our balls did from when we were kids - real bouncy balls! The display case was amazing. I don`t recommend the make your own kit if you want something that will actually bounce, but I do recommend it just as something creative for the kids. I can`t hold a grudge on that one from the company because those kits have been like that as far as I remember, unless it`s just me. Would I recommend them? Absolutely! These are great for stocking stuffers, collectors, magicians, children - everyone! Everybody needs to enjoy some childhood fun!
Hey Announces a great new way to save our customers on shipping. You asked and we responded. We call it the “Human Touch Shipping Option”. We all know computers are great, but some times things just take that human touch. Well after talking to our computers here they were just not getting it. They were sometimes charging too much for shipping. So we have added the “Human Touch” shipping option. here is how it works... If you feel the shipping rates are too high, then you can select the Human Touch Shipping Option. We will process your order, get it ready to ship, find the weight and choose the most economical shipping option for you. Once we have the shipping rate we will add in the shipping charges to your order. We guarantee the rate we get will be the same or cheaper then the lowest shipping cost that was shown. Now here is the catch. We choose the shipping method. It may be 1st class, parcel post, priority mail, or UPS ground. So it is possible it may take longer to reach you then selecting a different option. So if You are not concerned about Transit Times this is the Option for you. To Help Celebrate this new addition to the site we are offering 25% off your entire order with this coupon code. “humanshiphp” This coupon code will expire on 11/24/2012. Thanks All and Happy Collecting
Of course I don`t want to forget one more thing... wooden roses As a wonderful surprise I was also sent along some wooden roses! I always see these and wanted some so THANK YOU for sending them to me! These are off their amazon account and I am highly impressed with them. From a distance they actually look like real smaller sized roses, but when you touch them they are made from thin layers of wood. How unique! The colors are astonishing and appear fully on the flowers. By this I mean they`re not faded out or anything of that nature. So if you`re looking for something a little sweet and romantic as well definitely check out the roses! wood flowers Thank you Super Bouncy Balls for this unique and wonderful experience! You brought back many childhood memories and I proudly recommend you to all my friends and family!

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