Everyone on here already knows I love to travel and take photos. I also love to get creative and make things such as scrapbooks using my photos. Anyone else into this sort of thing? Then you`ll like this review! I was lucky to try out the photo book service the Smile Books offers! Plus they`re offering ALL my readers FREE design service. All you would have to pay for is the printing and shipping!
Smile Books is an online company where you can upload your photos and create an actual hard cover photo book using your very own photos! So of course I was super excited about this one! I was originally going to upload my photos from my trip to Hawaii but I was having some technical difficulties on my end with the disc the photos are saved on. So I went with my next favorite vacation, which I`m sure y`all already guessed it based off my past reviews, Washington State! To get started you must first select the size and style book you want. I chose the "vibrant scrapbooky" look as it is called on their site. I then chose the deluxe 12x12 picture hardcover book. Once the "looks" aspect of my book was set up, I went ahead and began selecting my photos I wanted to include in my book. Although the uploading process did take some time (I have high quality photos and had about 140 I uploaded), it was still a very simple process. You just select the photos, press upload & wait. Once that process is completed, I then went ahead and submitted everything to be arranged and fixed in a nice order by the design team. This took about 3-4 business days since there are actually REAL people doing this rather than a computer. When they`re finished arranging the photos how they think is best fit for your book they go ahead and email you a proof of the design for you to approve before the final printing. I gave the "ok" and within a week I received my book!
Now during my time working on my design I did encounter a few issues where I needed some help. The company was very quick in responding to my needs as well as very friendly. This of course was a major plus. So if you`re unsure of what you`re doing, they`re there willing to help you until the job is complete and you`re satisfied! Upon arrival of my book I was super excited! I couldn`t wait to relive the memories of my trip again! As if I could ever get tired of them! The book is truly of high quality and is worth their price. All my photos are in perfect order and condition on the book. It looks like a book I could have bought out of the store! I am truly impressed and satisfied with my services. I have nothing but good things to say about this company and they`re HIGHLY recommended to help save all your favorite memories!
This offer is exclusive JUST for my readers! So listen up! If you`re a follower of my blog via email or google friend connect, you can use the code: CLOSETDSFREE to receive their design service for free. All you have to pay for is the shipping & printing cost of your book! So take advantage of this offer while you can because it won`t last long!