It`s a brand new year and to celebrate it warmly, I`d like to introduce my very first review for the 2011 year! As I was telling some friends, yesterday was a very nice day to start off the new year, at least weather wise. It felt nice.  Then I woke up this morning and was freezing! That`s New Orleans weather for you though. So I decided it was finally time to try some foot warmers/hand warmers I got in for review. Since my hands aren`t the ones freezing, I put the hand warmers aside and decided to try the Toasti Toes Self-Activating Foot Warmer. The way these work are super simple. You open the package to expose the toasti toes to air. You do not needs to shake or knead these in order to make them work, just air! Remove the paper backing from the toasti toes so that the sticky side can stick to the inside of your shoe or slipper. I chose to wear my comfy soft slippers with these. Within seconds the pads were warmed up! Be sure when using these to follow the directions correctly though so you do not burn yourself. These may help warm you up, but they can also cause harm if not used properly. As far as my experience: These toasti toes are still keeping my toes warm! They help keep you warm for up to 6 hours at a time. Remember how I mentioned I used these in my slippers. I probably shouldn`t have done that since the sticky part sticks quite well and the way these slippers are made, well they may be stuck in there a while. I should have read the instructions a bit more closely and stuck them to the bottom of my SOCK rather than the slipper itself. But even for being stuck on the wrong way, they are still keeping my toes warm.  As far as comfort, they feel great. They are not uncomfortable or make any awkward feelings when walking or functioning wearing them. Definitely a plus. Some of the other items I received that I haven`t tried yet, but will be testing out soon with this cold weather: Hand & Body Warmer, Foot Warmers, Hand Warmers and Insole Foot Warmer. Not only can you purchase these online, but you can find them locally as well. What first sparked my interest in these was when I saw them at my work (Walgreens) and honestly thought these were a silly idea. Now I think they`re excellent and worth the money! Did I mention they`re very low priced as well? Either way, I`m satisfied with these and feel very "warm" about sharing them with you! Keep up with the latest, find HotHands on Facebook! Have you tried any of these or anything similar? I`d love to hear about your experience with them!