This is just a quick shout out to Guy & Eva. Y`all may remember that week I posted every day to promote some wonderful winter sales they had going on. Well as a `thank you` they let me pick a few pieces of jewelry at the end of the promotion. Now I have reviewed a piece of theirs in the past and was very pleased. Well this go round I was even more pleased!
While I did receive several pieces, they were all of high quality and very beautiful! Some of you may know I am in the process of currently planning my wedding and made a couple selections of hoping to find the right piece for my bridesmaids. If these turn out to match the dresses, not only did I save money, but I also go beautiful high quality jewelry as well and I`m definitely proud to say that Guy & Eva are a part of such an important time in my life.
Every piece I received was individually packaged and in perfect condition. None were broken or damaged. None of the rhinestones, jewels, or beads were loose. And some of the pieces even sparkled in the light! The rings I received all fit perfectly and were absolutely gorgeous.
While this is not a full out review, this was just a quick thank you to Guy and Eva for a wonderful opportunity to work with them and for sending me such beautiful jewelry. If you haven`t already, I would highly recommend checking out the pieces they have to offer. They are gorgeous, unique, and shipped quickly! Find something nice? Feel free to share with us below or tell them I sent you over!