hangers sample received I know many of you women on here can relate to having a LOT of clothes! I Know I sure can! I had a small bedroom converted into a closet for me, which of course is combined with my craft room to make room for new family member to be. So that little room is PACKED and I`m slowly trying to re-organize it since it is two rooms in one now after all. Well thanks to Only Hangers I was able to check out their Slim Line Hangers and they`re also giving some away to one of my fantastic readers as well! Only Hangers

About Only Hangers

Only Hangers designs and manufactures one of the largest and most sought after collection of clothes hangers in America. We use only the highest quality materials in all of our wooden, plastic or metal hangers that we make and offer them at below wholesale prices. Whether you are a retailer or just looking to beautify your home, you will find that Only Hangers is the only place to buy your clothing hangers! Only Hangers

My Thoughts

As I said, I converted a small room into a closet since we do have a small house and our closet just isn`t big enough for the two of us to share our clothes - It`s on the list for the next house! Well I have a nice organizing system and racks for my clothes and tons of hangers collected over the years. I mean hey, they do work still. The difference between them and these new slim line ones from only hangers is that the slim line is well, slim. Rather than having a bulky bunch of hangers for a thin shirt or just bulky hangers that take up a ton of space, I have slim hangers that take up less space and make my closet a lot neater in appearance. Also, the hangers are non-slip so those thin spaghetti strapped shirts don`t just slide off either. So not only does my room look a lot neater with just these hangers, but they also take a lot of the excess bulk off the rack! Only Hangers Only hangers sent me a box full of hangers to check out. While it wasn`t enough to completely redo all areas of my clothes, it did clean up one of my longer racks of clothes and still had a few left over to start my next section. You see I like to keep my clothes organized so they`re easy to find. When we combined the rooms it made it where it`s still organized, but not quite as well as before. Well just switching my hangers out made a HUGE difference to me. It looks so much cleaner and neater than all these random hangers collected through the years. Plus they`re very nice quality and well made! They didn`t snap or break in the process of me putting some of the more difficult shirts on them! I`m impressed and didn`t think they would honestly make that big of a difference, but they did! I definitely recommend only hangers. They have tons of styles and hangers to choose from as well in case these aren`t your style or color! Only Hangers

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