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sample received As many of you know I am not a smoker. I don`t see the point in spending money on disposable cancer sticks as I like to call them to relieve stress. With that being said, it doesn`t mean I don`t get stressed and get the urge to smoke. Don`t ask me how that works, but I do. Do I break down and go buy a pack of cigarettes? Of course not. I`m not about to stink up my car, clothes, get yellowed teeth, etc over a little bit of stress. However, I have found a great alternative for someone like myself who doesn`t smoke, but would like the same stress relief as a smoker - electronic cigarettes such as these from Jet Cigs LLC, but rather getting any nicotine I get 0mg of nicotine so basically I just get flavored vapor. No stinky clothes. No yellow teeth. No cancer sticks. By the way, one lucky reader of mine has a chance to win their own starter pack (must be 21+ to win)!! Jet electronic cigarettes are cigarette-shaped vaporizers which are designed to produce rich, flavor-filled vapor whenever you take a puff. Their e-cigs are an alternative to traditional tobacco products, giving you a pleasing experience without the smoke, tar, or ash of a traditional cigarette. A Jet electronic cigarette consists of two components, the battery and the cartomizer. The battery, contains the pressure sensor, microcontroller, and lithium-ion battery which power the device. The cartomizer, contains an atomizer and a reservoir of “e-liquid”, a mixture of glycerin, propylene glycol, water, and flavorings (with optional nicotine). The two components are connected via a threaded connector and, when screwed together, make up the complete electronic cigarette. When you draw on a Jet electronic cigarette, the pressure sensor in the battery detects your inhalation and sends a signal to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then turns the battery on, powering the atomizer. The powered atomizer heats and vaporizes some of the e-liquid, producing a rich vapor for your enjoyment! REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Jet Cigs LLC Personally I love these things. I was sent a starter pack plus one of each flavor to try out for myself - which they have 11 different flavors to choose from. I think thus far my favorite flavor is the mojito mint which is a masterful mix of spearmint, wintergreen, and peppermint, then infused it with lime and rum notes to mimic the classic recipe. Now before anyone starts fussing I`m pregnant and all that stuff, remember I have a 0 nicotine strength which is what is recommended for non-smokers. I would never do anything to endanger the health of my unborn child. Jet Cigs offers a total of 4 different strengths to choose from though to appeal to a variety of shoppers: 0mg nicotine for a non-smoker, and 22mg for a smoker, but if you’re familiar with e-cigs, 11mg and 33mg are their other options. Now as far as the e-Cig goes it`s shaped like your standard cigarette but of course a bit more sturdy. It`s not wrapped up in a paper like wrap, but a durable frame that`s rechargeable. What I like though is the fact that these don`t have to be charged too often, at least not for me. So the cigarette holds a good charge, but also it doesn`t take forever to charge either. Maybe about an hour tops to get it back to a full charge?  The e-Cig is easy to use - just like a cigarette, but no running through lighters like crazy and they last much longer. You can smoke them anywhere because they`re not cigarettes, but vapors. Also another benefit is that you don`t have to worry about the 2nd hand smoke affecting anyone. These are a LOT safer than traditional cigarettes, cheaper habit to maintain and much nicer quality. I love how easy it is to try new flavors and change out the cartridges. Now if you already smoke e-cigs I want you to keep in mind that these cartridges are made specifically for the Jet brand and not others. I`ve tried others and wanted to see if the cartridges were interchangeable just out of curiosity and they`re not. So if you are looking to get into Jet or try new flavors be sure to get a starter pack from them as well. Either way, I`m quite impressed and very satisfied with my Jet e-Cigs. As I said, I enjoy the 0 nicotine and getting my stress relief without harming myself or others around me. Not to mention Jet is reasonably priced with their starter kits at just $29.99! That`s low compared to others I`ve seen and tried. So you don`t have much to loose out on!

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