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hug a bib sample received We recently made the big announcement that we are expecting our 2nd child! I`m currently 7 weeks and 5 days along and already trying to prepare as much as possible for this child. All pregnancies are different and there`s no telling how far along I`ll be able to work. I`m hoping to make it til the end, but realistically anything can happen. Well during the time of preparation, getting what we need way in advance since I will have a short period of no income, I am getting baby supplies including this Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth. Oh yea, one will be given to a very lucky reader as well! Hug-A-Bib & Clippy Cloth

How did Hug-a-Bib come about?

Like all mother I always wanted the best for my babies. My youngest daughter, Allea, was born with what the doctors called an “underdeveloped stomach valve”. This meant that when she ate, half of what she ate would come back up again. It wasn’t a terrible thing, but, with her constantly spitting up, I was doing laundry every day. No matter how hard I tried, it seemed that the second she started spitting up her baby bib moved or folded back on itself so everything would land right on her clean clothes. The only way to stop this from happening was to devise a way to keep the bib in place. The baby bibs available on the market only fastened around the neck, or were a full body garment and so huge and bulky it was like she was wearing a second set of clothes. I wanted something that was less cumbersome, but still afforded great coverage and would not move on the baby. A bib that would truly protect the clothing. I started making my own bibs for her, first with ties, then with Velcro. As she grew up and I concentrated on raising my 2 girls and working, those early days became not much more than fond memories. Years later I was cleaning out a dresser drawer and found one of the bibs I had made for her. Watching a mother struggle with her little one in the lobby of my office, I realized that all mothers could use this baby bib, that there was a huge need for it. With advances in materials and Velcro-like products I could produce a baby bib that would be like no other both in quality and functionality! I knew what I wanted. Now I wanted to know what other mothers wanted. I spoke to mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, day-care centers and any other caregivers I could find. Everyone wanted the same things: a high-quality, soft, waterproof baby bib that would stay in place on the infant and toddler. I took all their suggestions and incorporated them into the new and improved Hug-A-Bib baby bib. During one of my many discussions on my baby bib design, I was told that I needed a ‘line’. I decided to make the burp cloth I always wanted. So I designed the “Clippy Cloth” an oversized, plush, absorbent, waterproof cloth that uses a clip to attach it to the shoulder of the clothing the parent or caregiver is wearing, keeping it in place. I made it longer front and back so it can be used on either shoulder with equal coverage. It is the perfect compliment to the Hug-A-Bib. Hug-A-Bib & Clippy Cloth

My Thoughts

HUG-A-BIB baby bibs uses a special one-piece Velcro strap to attach the bib around baby`s waist.  This Velcro does not collect fibers and stays as clean as the day you bought it! These baby bibs are uniquely suited for babies with infant reflux or other eating disorders or neurological disorders that prevent them from sitting still. These baby bibs do not bunch around baby`s neck and they stay on. HUG-A-BIB baby bibs are composed of four layers of  softness and protection. 100% woven cotton interlock front and corduroy back surround a plush inner lining and an inner waterproof layer. I personally love that the HUG-A-BIB baby bibs are machine washable and are wider and longer than expected to provide  extra coverage. While our little bundle of joy isn`t here yet, I do remember when Sophia was an infant and while she didn`t have any eating disorders or such, she was still a messy eater and would always pull her bibs off. I can`t blame her, having something around your neck while you`re eating has to be annoying. This particular bib, while it looks simple, is quite functional and soft for comfort. Plus you simply Velcro it around the baby so it doesn`t just get yanked off and your baby will stay food free. Hug-A-Bib & Clippy Cloth The Clippy Cloth burp cloth fastens to Mom`s clothing using a high quality copper clip that will not rust. The Clippy Cloth burp cloth stay in place on the shoulder no matter how much bending and stooping is done. This burp cloth custom design measures an amazing 12" by 29" to provide superior shoulder, back and chest coverage.  We specifically made the shoulder wider, not narrower like standard burp cloths,  to protect the arms of clothing from baby`s spit-up and can be used on either shoulder. The Clippy Cloth burp cloth is composed of four layers of softness and protection.  100% woven cotton interlock front and back surround a plush inner lining and an inner waterproof layer. Once again, as with any parents dream, it is machine washable! While I found the clip does hold on to the clothing really well, it isn`t the easiest to open, especially if you`re going to end up having to do it with just one hand. Of course the plus side of this is when you get it on it stays on which means no worrying of losing the spit up cloth as I call them. Nothing worse than a baby with an upset stomach and a spit cloth that just moves about. It`s even worse when the cloth moves at the wrong time. While this may not be the most attractive cloth, it is quite functional. It gives mom (or caregiver) a lot of coverage and protection from "excess baby mess". Hug-A-Bib & Clippy Cloth Overall I have a nice experience with the Hug-a-Bib and Clippy Cloth. They are both 2 simple products, yet have a good function to them. You can tell there was a mom behind these ideas! I don`t think I would have normally just picked these up myself if I saw them in the store, but after trying them I can see where they are quite beneficial and can say I do recommend them to any mom to be! Hug-A-Bib & Clippy Cloth

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