Halloween is just around the corner. Do you know what you plan to dress up as this year? I have teamed up and partnered with Dizguise and Max Wigs for a review of their site and products. Dizguise and Max Wigs are my featured sponsors for this Halloween season for all your Halloween needs! Dizguise offers tons of costumes from kids costumes to sexy costumes. I was sent the very sexy Wonderland Queen Costume to review! Now at first glance, I couldn`t see myself looking too good in this costume to be quite honest, but I was willing to give it a try anyway. I was amazed! I actually think I look very good in it! The costume itself fits excellent, although I do find the top is made for those with a bit bigger bust line than I do, but using a safety pin or brooch to tighten that space up does the trick just fine! Also, it can be worn as a tube top type dress or if you`re like me, you can use the clear straps which are provided to help hold the dress portion up.
The arm sleeves that are provided fit great, which is also a big plus for me! I have smaller arms, so most of the time things like that slip off. These I am pleased to say they don`t do that. There`s still room for those who have bigger arms than I since they do stretch, but they`re not so loose that us people with small arms will miss out. The over all fit of this costume is very comfortable. No itching or cheap material used here. Definitely a nice quality and very sexy! If you`re considering this costume, also consider some matching fishnet stockings to go along with it! Also, consider checking out the Red Queen Wig! It`s just another fun accessory to match with your costume! It`s soft like a pillow and fits very easily onto your head. The inside of the wig has a zipper so if you need to push out any of the material to make it the correct heart shape, you can do so easily. You know how sometimes the shapes can get messed up if they have been sitting up for a while. So the zipper provides an easy fix for that problem! SO what`s my overall opinion of everything? I absolutely LOVED it! Would I recommend them to you for this holiday season? Absolutely! Which is why they`re at the top of my list of great places online for your Halloween shopping! Go to Dizguise and tell me what your absolute favorite costume is and why! I`d love to hear your feedback! Also, don`t forget, you can keep up with Dizguise on Facebook and Max Wigs on Facebook as well for their latest news and products!