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If you don`t already know by now that I love taking photos then you must be new to my site. Recently Eric & I got married and took our honeymoon. Now what good is a honeymoon without tons of great pictures to capture all the memories? My point exactly! So to remember those wonderful moments we shared I used Bookemon to make a custom photo book using my own photos.
Wait, what exactly is Bookemon? Bookemon is a free, online book creation and sharing utility. There is no cost to join and there is no obligation to purchase! You can share your books with family and friends on your own web/blog page, your network on popular social network sites or via email. Bookemon makes it quick and easy to share!
So what do I think? Bookemon is very easy to use. The account is free to join. Uploading my photos to their library to use in my book was a bit of a lengthy process, not excruciating, but still quite slow. The reason I believe this was for me was because I do have larger size photos since I use the Canon t3i with everything set on the highest settings. Why do I do that? Well for very reasons like this. If I capture a great moment and I want a huge photo or make photo gifts I will be able to. The higher the quality, the larger the file, but also more space it will use on your memory card and the longer it will also take to upload.
Once my photos finished uploading the site I took my time to make my book. What I loved about this site opposed to other sites I have used is that you can customize your books full from front cover to back cover. There is not just one set layout and you`re done. I took a few days on my book working on it between my work schedule and free time at home. They have their design templates already made along with clip art already on their site. Every little detail you can customize. Do you want page numbers or none? How do you want your picture frames to look around your photos or do you even want any at all? What do you want your background to look like on each page -- all the same or different for each page? Want to write something or let the pictures do the talking? Like I said, there are TONS of options.
For my book, I selected the template I wanted to use for both the front and back cover, which I choose to be the same. At least keep the book as a whole matching right? Then I inserted a photo. The photo is one I had made using a map of where we went and some text. You may recognize it from my blog post: Review of Helen, GA. Oh yea, that`s why it looked familiar!
Yes, I added the Fleur De Lis Clip art to make it more personable!
Throughout the book pages, I added clip arts and various frames around the photos. Because the photo book had to be at least 20 pages which I did not have to place my order I used the last few pages to make a "memories" section. I typed in some of the memories I remembered at the time and left the rest blank using a paper style template. I figured this would be great to write in our own memories that we could look back on years down the line and laugh or smile about.
Needless to say, I had a great experience with Bookemon. While making my book was a lengthy process, it sure was worth it. I loved being able to fully customize my book to fit my personality. I also loved how it was free to make my book and free to share. The only thing you would be required to pay for is the book itself. You can also save a proof of your book to your computer in a PDF format. I don`t know of many, if any, other places that offer that option. When my book arrived in I was very impressed to see the quality of my book. It`s just like buying a book off the shelves at a local bookstore, but with my own story.
I would definitely recommend using Bookemon to share your story. This is great for photo enthusiasts such as myself, those who need something to showcase their work or even those who want to maybe publish a book without all the publishing costs just to see how it could/would look. Just be prepared to be sitting down for a while as you get drawn in to all the cool features of making your own custom book! P.S. -- all those pages I custom made using Bookemon! I used their layouts, but added in their clip art to make it all unique to how I wanted it!
P.S. -- all those pages I custom made using Bookemon! I used their layouts, but added in their clip art to make it all unique to how I wanted it!

See my book I made!

The Drewes Honeymoon
by ClosetSamples
The Drewes Honeymoon


Follow-Up Questions (Submitted January 4, 2013):

  • What was the format of the book you created? (Was it the hardcover- 8.5x11-case w/ laminate?) 8.5 x 11 - Case w/Laminate - Hardcover - Color - Picture Book
  • Do the pages turn out exactly like how your design was in Bookemon`s editing program? Yes! I was surprised that the layout and everything I picked out looked just the same in person. If my text or photo was placed in a certain spot on the computer, it arrived in that same spot in the book itself. Also, I used their layouts, BUT I used various themes for my book. Originally it was a wedding theme, but since it was the honeymoon I also used some traveling themes. I changed the theme or background for each page as I wanted which I thought was a cool feature.
  • Did photos appear darker when printed? No, to me my photos printed out the same way they looked on my screen. I don`t print photos too often unless there`s a good deal or I have a particular need to print them honestly so I don`t have other prints to compare them too, but they did come out very nice. Of course, photos will also depend on the quality image you took as well. I used my good camera on our trip (The Canon T3i) which product quality images and I have it set for the highest quality setting which allows the photos be enlarged without distorting it. So keep that in mind. Phones off a lot of cell phones may print out blurry or show the pixels in them so I never recommend using phone pictures.
  • Did the final book arrive in time? Being I did this as a review I did not have a particular time that I needed it by, but I did experience quick shipping. I wanna guess it was about a week after I submitted my order that I received it. It was very quick to me considering it was a custom item and all.
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