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Passion 4 Life is a delicious-tasting, powerful, effective, complete superior liquid vitamin and mineral supplement for men, women, seniors and children.  It is designed to enhance energy, memory, anti-aging, while decreasing aches and pains, depression, stress and anxiety.  Its ingredients help naturally support our immune system, heart, and brain health.

Passion 4 Life contains 135 ingredients (essential vitamins, 74 trace minerals, powerful antioxidants, amino acids in a 3000mg Aloe Vera base per ounce and much more). Our product contains meaningful amounts of each ingredient so our customers experience the difference. Our liquid delivery system allows up to 98% absorption within 3 minutes of ingestion in the bloodstream (scientific proof) versus most hard-to-swallow vitamin pills that only absorb 10-20%. 

Behind the scenes

As a Holocaust survivor, having witnessed my family snatched away in front of me by the Nazis at age 2 and enduring 8 years of abuse of every kind and malnutrition in a state run orphanage, it has been my life’s mission to turn my tragic beginning in life into a story of reinvention and hope by combining the 2 things I lacked in life – good nutrition and someone to care as a portion of the vitamin profits helps fund our non-profit children’s charity, Passion 4 K.I.D.S. We are a “Vitamin with a Mission”. 

You can grab Passion 4 Life Liquid Multivitamin Minerals for $42 or you can get a lower price with the subscribe and save option.

  • HATE HARD-TO-SWALLOW VITAMIN PILLS? Here's the delicious liquid alternative taken by Regis Philbin, Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington, pro athletes, medical doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, and celebrities; Designed for better focus, stamina, memory, energy, sleep, less stress, depression and anxiety, + Arthritis, Anti-Aging + Menopause and Beauty Benefits+ Bariatric Friendly + Celiac Friendly + Supports Brain, Immune System and Joints, Designed for mega results.
  • COMPLETE LIQUID DELIVERY SYSTEM ENSURES MAXIMUM ABSORPTION up to 98% within 3 minutes after ingestion with meaningful levels of each ingredient so you actually get what you pay for and experience the difference; ALOE VERA based so gentle on stomach + great for hair, skin, nails. Manufacturing (MFG) date proudly displayed on bottom of bottle so you know you are getting the freshest product available!
  • High Potency Premium Liquid Multivitamin Superfood; 135 ALL NATURAL WHOLE FOOD BASED HIGH GRADE INGREDIENTS; No added sugar, caffeine free, gluten free, no artificial colors or flavor, wheat free
  • GREAT FOR MEN, WOMEN, SENIORS, TEENAGERS, CHILDREN, TODDLERS from 1 to 101; Just one ounce a day; TASTES GREAT even kids love it; All essential vitamins (including B Complex, B12, C, D3 and E), 72 trace minerals (including zinc), amino acids (including L-arginine), antioxidants, proprietary blends with ACAI, NONI, GOJI, MANGOSTEEN, RESVERATROL, D-Ribose for energy and much more
  • Family owned; We are a "VITAMIN WITH A MISSION" when you do something great for your own health you are also helping a U.S. child in need through our non-profit, Passion 4 K.I.D.S.
my thoughts
Normally I am not a fan of trying multi-vitamin type products as I cannot judge the results. However, this one is different. No, I cannot tell you if it's really working "health" wise, however, I can tell you, the experience of using this product is pretty pleasant.
At first, when I opened the bottle I noticed a "health" sort of scent to it, yet it looked like orange juice. I took a tiny little sip and hoped for the best. To my surprise, it tasted very close to orange juice! No, it's not exactly like orange juice, but very close with a hint of that "healthy" taste. So it's not gross like other similar products. Also, it has a smooth texture - no grit in it, which makes it a lot easier to take and digest in my opinion. Not to mention, it's a lot more pleasant than digesting pills. You just need to take one shot (cap full) per day and that's it and be sure to refridgerate it upon opening. Once it's cold it tastes a lot better than at room temperature like when I first tried it.
Overall I am pretty impressed and quite pleased with this product. It's easy to take, it tastes good, and there are a ton of vitamins and minerals all packed into one drink. 

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