OneSoap #Review

Have you ever been on the road traveling or just out for a sleep over and forget to bring you soap? Or maybe you're trying to cut down on your luggage weight and space. For that very reason is why OneSoap was born. OneSoap is a first of its kind solid hair and body wash. The formulation has been developed and tested by Dr. Mark Berlin, a pharmacist and Dr. Azat Samigullin, a medical doctor. According to their experience, the 75g will last you longer than many of the full-sized liquid products.

They have selected only first class ingredients - 99.9% of which are natural. OneSoap's scent comes exclusively from etherial oils and can be best described as freshly cut juicy lime. The only “coloring” is activated carbon, which gives OneSoap its beautiful shiny black color. OneSoap has not been tested on animals. Its innovative packaging makes OneSoap the first convenient-to-use solid hair and body wash. Thanks to the suction-cup-cap you will no longer be dependent on shelf space in the shower.

What I think

I have to say that I am absolutely in love with this. At first it's a big confusing because it's so unique. It's a solid bar in a tube, so that means there is absolutely no spilling or leak accidents to worry about. I mean, who wants that?! Especially when traveling! The fragrance is a gender neutral citrus sort of smell, as described. It's not too strong, but it's not too light either.

I'm particularly fond of the suction cup. While it may look a bit "odd" it's actually very handy! I have multiple cats and I have to pick up shampoo bottles and body wash bottles from my tub multiple times daily because they knock them down. The suction cup actually helps prevent this from falling. It's just a convenient feature added to the bottle.
Overall, I am super excited about this product. I love how my skin and hair feel fresh and clean after each use. Plus, I smell good! Want to order your own? Just go here (UK) or here (US)!