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First, let me state, I did not get these items for free. I paid out of my own pocket and was so seriously impressed I had to share my experience with you all.
So basically the other night I was looking to see what free companies were out there to join and such to add to my FREE To Join Direct Selling Opportunities post and discovered a company called Country Scents Candles. So, like other affiliate type sites, I signed up, didn't give much of a thought about it and moved on. 
Then I just started stumbling around some promotional posts and figured how I love scented candles and waxes and such and I had a few dollars to spare, why not give them a try? I was promoting them after all and before I got in too deep promoting them, I wanted to see if I would honestly like the brand. Nothing worse than trying to say how amazing a company is only to find out they're pretty terrible. Plus, I had seen the Hearthstone Glass Illumination Warmer about a month ago and had been going back and forth about actually getting it. So I dove right on in! 
After signing up as a Country Scents Candles consultant (because it's free and no kit is required or any sort of fees) I added the warmer to my cart along with a candle and 9 different fragrance wax melts. I wanted some more candles, but not knowing how they would come out I figured the wax melts would be best. I could fairly try and smell some of the products without spending too much, plus, it was a great excuse to try out my new warmer. One of the perks of being a consultant is getting a 30% discount. So even if you don't want to sell, but just want the discount, join my team as a consultant for that reason!  Then once you're logged in, you'll see your consultant pricing. So I checked out and anxiously awaited my candles. Now, at checkout, it says to allow up to 5 days to process your order. My order was processed in about 24 hours.
I placed my order October 22nd and here it is October 27th and my order arrived at my mailbox. While I don't like the cost of shipping, the fact that it goes by weight, your location, and you select the carrier that you wish to deliver your package helps. The shipping wasn't too bad though. I think roughly $6 or $7 is what I paid to ship everything.
Once my box arrived, O-M-G!! My box smelled AMAZING! Now, to be honest, I don't know if the company purposely puts scented stuff on their boxes for a better presentation or if something spilled on mine since this was my very first experience with Country Scents, however, it smelt delicious! I had rushed to open my package to make sure nothing broke because of the strong fragrance. Thankfully, nothing was broken or damaged. Either way, it was a welcomed fragrance and nice added touch, regardless if on purpose or not. 
Large Kit
One thing I wasn't a fan of is all the packaging peanuts because they're such a pain, however, I find that the packing peanuts help protect items much better than bubble wrap in my experience. Not always the case, but in my own experience, I have noticed this. Everything was thoroughly protected. Not only did my glass, breakable candle, have peanuts in its own little individual box, but even the wax melts were protected! Everything arrived in perfect condition. For this order, I ordered:
Hearthstone Glass Illumination Warmer
Of course, I couldn't wait to try my new warmer. So after I unpackaged everything I plugged my warmer in and turned it on. Now, this isn't like a real fireplace at all. There are no flames and the only part that actually heats up is the dish where the melts go. However, the design is so awesome! I even tried searching on Amazon for this particular warmer before buying this one, nope, not there. Not sure if this was an exclusive design for Country Scents or not, but it is totally awesome and perfect to really "warm your home up" during this fall and winter season! I love the glowing look of the fireplace and the solid construction. It hasn't shown any signs of heating after being on for several hours either! Some warmers, I found, get pretty hot, and not just at the warming dish, but the whole body. Not this one. Only the dish plate gets warm enough to slowly melt the wax. I can even safely touch the top of the warming dish and inner sides, while it's on, without it burning, or feeling close to burning, me! I'm used to those glass dish warmers where even the bowl gets pretty hot so this is impressive to me.
As far as the fragrances go - O-M-G... AMAZING!! I was expecting some weak scents or something nice that doesn't last long. That's how most are, such as ones from Walmart. However, not only do these all have a strong fragrance, but they're unique and room filling. A couple of them have a weaker fragrance to them, such as the Broomsticks And Berries Wax Melts, but the Black Cherry Ice Wax Melts are currently my favorite and pretty strong. Normally, wax melts just fill up a bedroom, however, you can smell the fragrance of the melts travel throughout my home. I don't have a large house, however, the fact that the scent isn't confined to a single room is a game changer for me. Having kids and pets, I think I finally found me new 'go to' for candles and fragrances. Totally worth the investment! Like, seriously, I wish they had a 'smell capture device' I could embed for you to smell these. Even if my fragrance choices aren't your favorite, they definitely have something for everyone and I've seen nothing but great reviews. My only complaint is not finding Country Scents Candles sooner!
I would love to have you shop with me or join my team at Country Scents Candles and enjoy 30% off the regular prices on EVERY purchase you make. I posted a candle size comparison chart below as well for anyone who was curious about the various candle sizes. I tried the 8oz candle myself this go round.
Also, while you're at it, check out Country Suds (join for free here for a discount) and Country Naturals (join for free here for a discount), the sister companies. I haven't tried them myself just yet, but it's on my 'to do' list, but even more so now since falling in love with the candles and melts!
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Oh, don't worry! I'm still with Avon and still absolutely love Avon, but I'm allowed to love both, right? So I'm not 'direct sales hopping' as we call it. Just found another great company with totally amazing products!
Questions? I'm happy to do my best to answer them. I'd love if you could help show your support with me on Country Scents by following my new Facebook Page: Country Scents Candles and Suds


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