Bath Toy Organizer #toybathorganizer As a mom of two young children, we have a LOT of toys around the house; including the bathroom. For that reason is why I have multiple bath toy organizers in my bathroom (for my 2 year old) and in my daughters bathroom (the 8 year old). If you`re in the same boat as I am with needing a place to organize all the toys, then you may want to consider this one from The Bath Toy Organizer Company for just $9.95 and get FREE shipping if you`re an Amazon Prime member! That`s a 50% discount off the regularly listed price of $19.95!
About the Product
  • LARGE STORAGE BAG - Safe, tidy bathroom with the best toy bath organizer and plenty of space for all of your toy bath storage. Can be used for all bathtub toys, baby`s tub toys and also as a shower caddy.
  • TWO FREE ADDITIONAL EXTRA STRONG SUCTION CUPS - The extra strong hooked suction cups can be used for either the bath toys toy mesh organizer or for other bath or shower items.
  • MOLD RESISTANT AND FAST DRYING - Mold free toys with our special quick drying mesh and easy to clean heavy duty suction hooks.
  • HEAVY DUTY FOR LONG LIFE - Our high quality net bags are fully washable and are made with super strong suction cups to ensure you many years of use.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We only provide the very best products and aim for outstanding customer service. If you are unhappy in any way please feel to get in touch for a full refund.
What I think

My Rating: ★★★★★

I have an 8 year old daughter and a 2 year old son who both love bath time and each have a TON of toys! Using a plastic bucket sounds ideal to keep the water off the floor, but then the water left from the drying toys sits and will cause mold and mildew - YUCK! So while that bucket may be convenient at the moment, long term it’s a horrible idea! Yes, I learned that the hard way when trying to quickly think of a place to keep the toys years ago when I just had my daughter. Big mistake and lots of toys tossed out! Then I considered a small "laundry basket" style basket from the Dollar Store, which is an upgrade from the whole bucket thing since the water drains out, but then you have to let it sit in the tub to drain before removing it or there goes the floors! This bath toy organizer is pretty large in size and is made with mesh material so when the water drains from the toys, it will drain out the bag – which is why it’s important to keep this hung in the bath tub and not else where – that way the water just goes back down the drain. The mesh bag looks nice with the blue trim around the white mesh and seems to hold up well when installed properly. It doesn’t take a lot, but suction cups can be tricky. Clean the tile surface you’re going to stick it to and allow that part to dry completely. Lightly moist the suction cup and then press into place. I found by doing this most times it holds up well and longer. Worst case scenario use the 2 sturdy hooks and rig it up between them for a more secure hold or if you have it overflowing with toys. All in all this is a nice organizer that seems to do well in our house. It’s a simple design, but serves it’s purpose well.

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