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Kiss Me Organics Blooming Tea and Teapot #Review
Blooming tea, or otherwise known as flowering tea, is the combination of green tea leaves and certain flowers. One or more dried flowers are wrapped in bundles of dried tea leaves formed into a bulb shape then set for drying. Other than its unique and refreshing taste, its aesthetic is truly remarkable. The bulb, once put in boiling water, expands and unfurls into something like a blooming flower.
From its origin in China’s Yunnan province, blooming tea is now known across the world for its unique features and health benefits. Basically, the flowers are wrapped in either green or black tea leaves, which give the blooming tea the same health benefits as the green or black tea. Green tea for example is a good source of antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins which significantly protects the cells from diseases and at the same time delays aging. Catechins likewise inhibit the growth of bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. It is also attributed as metabolism booster thereby aiding fat burning and weight loss.
The theanine found in both green and black tea improves the mood and reduces stress while releasing a relaxing effect. They also protect cardiovascular health by lowering bad cholesterol and triglycerides level. Apart from the dried tea leaves, the blooming tea consists of flowers like jasmine, osmanthus, globe amaranth, marigold, lily, rose, trollius chinensis, and yellow chrysanthemum. These flowers bring different effect or benefits to the body. Jasmine has antibacterial properties that prevent bad breath. It also regulates blood pressure and harmonizes stomach. Osmanthus, meanwhile, warms both the lungs and stomach and alleviates the pain. Globe amaranth is good to treat cough as it get rid of the phlegm. Marigold nourishes the liver and improves digestion. It is also known to bring natural glow in the skin just like jasmine. Lily is helpful to cure insomnia. It is also known to add moisture to the lungs while soothing the nerves. Rose is likewise good for the skin as well as in blood circulation. Moreover, both yellow chrystanthemum and chinensis eliminate toxins and remove heat.

The Health Benefits of Blooming Tea

  • Richness in Antioxidants

Teas are known for their very powerful antioxidant contents. This is the main reason why many people associate drinking tea as much as possible because of its ability to remove harmful toxins in the body. Blooming tea, aside from their very unique and pleasing look and taste, also has rare antioxidant compounds that cannot be found in any other type of tea. This tea is loaded with remarkable amounts of flavanoids and cathecins. In China, blooming tea is popular to contain various types of antioxidants that cannot be extracted from other teas. This is because blooming tea is a mixture of different types of teas which means that it got the best of all of its ingredients. Although there are different types of blooming tea, each of them can provide your body with very beneficial antioxidants.
  • Nourishes the Skin

Because of its richness in special polyphenols, consumption of blooming tea can make the skin healthy and beautiful. Consuming blooming tea will not only make your skin beautiful from the outside but from the inside as well. Its antioxidants protect the skin from the harshness of UV radiation. They also assure that the skin’s cells and tissues are maintained healthy and repaired if needed. Consumption of this tea is also proven to reduce reactions in the enzymes that causes collagen and elastin breakdown in the skin. To keep your skin beautiful and young-looking even as you age, drinking this type of tea is of great help.
  • Boosts Metabolic Rates

Consumption of blooming tea increases metabolic rates in a very impressive level. Its antioxidants make it a very effective supplement in burning fats. It assures the efficiency of metabolism in the body so that fat storage is remained normal to avoid obesity. It also assures that fats in the body are not excessive and that they are useful in the sense that they are sources of energy. Intake of blooming tea will help you in maintaining proper and healthy level of fats in the body.
  • Supports Cancer Prevention

Increased consumption of blooming tea can reduce risks of cancer because of the strong antioxidants it possesses. Its antioxidants are uniquely dominant that they serve anti-mutagenic or anti-cancer functions. Given the very strong antioxidant this tea has, cells and their DNA are protected from damage that can lead to cancer.
  • Alleviates Stress

Drinking blooming tea is a great way to de-stress. Not only that it has a unique and pleasant taste, it is also rich in theanine and amino acids. This means that it has mental calming and stabilizing effects that avoid depression, anxiety, and stress mismanagement. Drinking a cup of blooming tea after a stressful day at work or at school can relax your mind so that you can focus and be more productive in the days to come. Remember that stress is inevitable and the only way to be mental stable despite all the hustle and bustle is to learn how to manage your stress as well as observe a diet that has positive effects when it comes to mental stability and soundness.
  • Kills Bacteria in the Mouth

Blooming tea also has anti-bacterial and anti-viral compounds. Its consumption cleanses the mouth from bacteria that can cause infections and bad breath. Do not underestimate bacteria accumulation in the mouth because this can even lead to oral cancer.
  • Protects the Heart

Blooming tea is known to reduce cholesterol to an acceptably normal level. Drinking blooming tea will regulate LDL cholesterol. It is of much importance to regulate LDL or the bad type of cholesterol because excessive LDL cholesterol can trigger multiple ailments especially in the heart. This type of tea can prevent cholesterol oxidation that causes the wall of arteries to weaken and can also lead to improper blood circulation. This gives rise to higher chances of blood clots, or worst heart attack.
  • Boosts Brain Functions

Consuming blooming tea is proven to boost the functions of the brain improving your cognitive and motor skills. This tea contains catechins that are strong bioactive compounds that protect the neurons as well for their optimal functioning and condition. This will not only make you smarter, more alert, able to focus, and be mentally stable but free from neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
  • Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties

Blooming tea also have anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing as well as treating arthritis. Studies proved that intake of foods and drinks concentrated with polyphenol discourage development of arthritis up to 50%. If you want to be able to move around without minding joint pain even as you grow old, make sure to drink a lot of blooming tea.
The Kiss Me Organics Story
Several years ago our founder, Anthony Codispoti, sought advice from a respected medical doctor and nutritionist in an effort to optimize his body’s performance. Although he wasn’t technically “sick,” he often felt tired and run down and he knew he could be feeling better. After running several tests, his doctor prescribed numerous supplements based on the deficiencies she found.

Determined to improve his health, he set to work eagerly scarfing down large quantities of expensive supplements for several months. He was following a plan that his doctor had tailor-made for his body. However, his enthusiasm waned after a few months because he felt no improvement and the act of taking so many pills every day started to make him feel like he was suffering from chronic illness.Anthony decided further investigation was needed and it was then he learned about the harsh production environments in which many supplements are made and the damage that high heat and chemicals can do to the beneficial compounds which are being extracted from the source. This research solidified, for him, the importance of consuming whole foods. Rather than trying to isolate a single compound from a food and focus on consuming it in isolation, he began incorporating whole, nutritious foods into his diet. Foods that contained all the supporting micronutrients in just the right amounts.

With his newfound focus on nutrient-dense foods, Anthony set about trying a number of “superfoods” by mixing them into his morning smoothie. One day while pondering the health benefits of green tea, it occurred to Anthony that he was tossing out valuable nutrients with his brewed tea leaves, so he decided to throw a spoonful of green tea leaves into his blender to see how he felt. What followed started him on a journey that would eventually lead to the creation of Kiss Me Organics.
What I think
I am a big tea lover! I love both hot and cold tea of a variety of flavors. I was excited to partner up with Kiss Me Organics Glass Tea Pot. Why? The tea pot comes with blooming teas! This glass teapot set contains 1 glass tea pot & 7 Blooming Tea Pods. Each bloom is hand sewn using the finest organic green tea leaves & calendula flowers and is naturally flavored with cherry, peach, strawberry, black currant, raspberry, sugar melon, and cactus melon.
I was so excited to see how these would play out. As soon as it arrived I filled my pot with boiling hot water and then dropped a bloom in. Within a minute the process of it "blooming" began and within 10-15 minutes it was at a full bloom. I let it sit until the water cooled to a level I could drink and poured me a glass. Now I must admit, most teas that claim to be flavored that I have tried, never really have flavor to them. So I was not expecting much out of these. I was pleasantly surprised, though, when I could actually taste each flavor of each tea! So on top of having an appealing appearance, the tea was absolutely delicious to top it off!
My experience with Kiss Me Organics was absolutely wonderful! I found the teapot simple, but easy to use as well as easy to clean. Not to mention it was also high quality. The tea was beyond amazing. If you're more of a matcha tea person they have that as well. I'm not a fan of matcha, myself, so I cannot comment on how it tastes but I've heard it's good as well. Needless to say, I highly recommend giving them a try if you haven't already!

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