{Giveaway} Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Bean Grinder #Review 
About Bean Head
BEAN HEAD is an industry leading organic coffee company that has bridged the gap between high-end reserve coffee and affordability. We should all be able to enjoy coffee that is not bitter, burnt, weak, dull and boring! BEAN HEAD’s top rated blend, packed in its unique and authentic straw bag has defined a new standard of quality.
It`s rare the I actually grind coffee beans, that`s because I never owned my own coffee grinder before. My parents had one. Well, I saw this Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Bean Grinder and figured - why not? I figured with so many around they must be good and I wanted to know what was so special about them. Well, first of all, I found my coffee to be so much better when grinding up my own beans because it has a fresher taste. It`s hard to describe and it`s something that needs to be tried for oneself to truly understand what I mean. Of course, I can see why it`s not ideal - it takes more effort and time to make your coffee because of the fact you have to grind your beans before brewing the coffee.  
Despite the fact it takes longer to ultimately make my coffee, this is easy to use. Simply pour your beans into the grinder and use the handle to manually turn to grind the beans up into coffee grounds. Once you have everything grounded up you simply brew your coffee as you normally would. This grinder not only looks nice, but it`s also compact in size so it`s easy to store when it`s not in use. What I really like is that it doesn`t have any glass on it so if you have it accidentally fall it will not shatter on you. Overall this is a quality grinder that works well and is easy to clean. Definitely, a neat kitchen accessory to have!  
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