{Giveaway} Owltopper Black Stallion Corkscrew #Review 
About OwlToppers
It is our goal, as we grow, to provide our current and future customers with the best in lifestyle products. We diligently search the market, learning what it is you truly desire. We then find those areas where something is missing, be it quality, affordability or even a lack of a product. We use our knowledge, expertise and love of the finer things to provide you with something to fill the gap and make your life just a little better. You can always count on us for quality, customer service and as a friend who`s looking for new and exciting ways to spice up your life! OwlToppers is a family-created and family-run company. The idea for our exquisite Gaboon ebony wine corkscrew and scientifically engineered, beautifully designed OwlTopper bottle stoppers was born from our love of art, fine wine and the desire to provide a quality product for your quality lifestyle. OwlToppers is led by the partnership of Gearodin and John. Like most quality products and great ideas, OwlToppers was born from necessity.
If you`re a wine lover the Owltopper`s Black Stallion Corkscrew Wine Opener is definitely something that will be handy to keep around the house. It`s not a fancy opener, but it works. It`s in the style of a pocket knife where everything flips out, but unlike a pocket knife, this is actually easy to open and close. Usually, those are difficult for me to open, or when I get it open, impossible for me to close! This opener has the following attachments on it: Foil Cutter, Bottle Opener, and Double Screw. It features an Ebony wood handle as well as a double hinge. If you`re not familiar with these functions and how to use them, don`t worry, a small instruction sheet is included which is easy to read and understand. Overall the corkscrew is easy to use, simply designed, durable, and well made. Definitely, recommend!
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