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About Jeff Gold
California native Jeff Gold composes soulful and spiritual instrumentals which have received the attention of wellness centers, spas and music therapists for their tranquil and healing qualities. Jeff has released three CD's, "Simple Treasures" in 2012, "Escapes" in 2009 and "Soul of a Mountain" in 2006; each one a soothing and relaxing collection of melodies featuring beautifully arranged acoustic guitars, piano, strings and flutes.He composes and arranges his own music, plays the guitars and piano, creating other instrumental sounds with his keyboard and computer. He also does his own mixing, editing and mastering; skills he perfected as a television editor for shows like MTV's "Making the Video," "Baywatch," "MadTV" and "The Office."   Jeff's very special nephew, Russell, became a big fan of these soothing instrumentals because they help to calm him and make him "feel better". Russell then passed his uncle's music on to his other friends on the autistic spectrum who also enjoyed it and found it made them "feel better" too. Jeff is also a contributing writer and music advisor to EXPERIENCE | PREMCHIT resorts, located throughout Europe and Asia, researching and writing articles on the physical, mental and therapeutic effects that are possible with music. Jeff has also teamed up with hypnotherapist, Janet Montgomery to produce seven guided imagery CD's for “The Live Well Series. Topics include sleeping soundly, stress management, and coping with cancer treatment.
I`m a HUGE fan of Jeff Gold`s music because I love listening to his work when I`m trying to relax, particularly after a stressful day. When I saw he had a new CD out, Soul of a Mountain, I was anxious to give it a try! This CD has 11 soothing songs on it. I am particularly a fan of the piano which is why I think I really love the CD. Of course, it also included acoustic guitars, piano, strings, and flutes. My favorite piece, if I had to choose one, is "Moon on the Ridge." For some reason, that particular melody is what caught my attention. Once again Jeff has moved me by his beautiful music. In fact, we`re currently trying to wing my 1-year-old son from his pacifier and have been using the music to help soothe him for naps and bedtime. Thanks, Jeff for such beautiful music that the whole family can relax to!
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