{Giveaway} Dazzle Candles #Review
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About Dazzle Candles
Dazzle Candles was founded in 2011 by Wholesale Jewelry Candles. Starting out as St.Louis Candle co in 1982, WJC has successfully grown into a large candle distributor for both wholesale and retail markets. In 2011 Dazzle Candles was born. Dazzle Candles offers gift and surprise candles in all of their candles unless marked otherwise. Each large Dazzle candle has a gift of jewelry inside. Most of the stones consist of CZ or ruby selections however, new pieces are added to our collection monthly. Over the years, Dazzle has listened to their customer suggestions and in doing so have created a customer friendly candle. If you do not see a scent you like…just ask…we will release it soon! With strong customer service, fast delivery methods and super mad quick candle making skills, Dazzle Candles can provide you with the perfect candle for any occasion…or just because. Dazzle Candles also has affiliate and consultant programs for our customers to earn money while enjoying their favorite soy candles. You may visit our Become a rep page to learn more about what our company can offer you and how to join our super awesome team!
I had a chance to try out the Jasmine fragranced soy candle from Dazzle Candles and absolutely LOVE it!
Why Soy? Soy wax burns longer and cleaner, making it a better option than paraffin wax candles! Paraffin is a by-product of crude oil and tends to generate tons of gross soot! Soy, on the other hand, is made with US grown soybeans! They are renewable and Way Cleaner Burning!  
While this candle may not look like much because it`s in a tan container, but this candle has such a nice powerful fragrance when compared to others and I mean that in a positive way. The candle smells AMAZING! The Jasmine floral scent fills the room that the candle is in so wonderfully. Even better is that not only are these great quality candles that smell awesome, but they each contain a piece of jewelry inside that can be a fashion piece, a more quality piece or a luxury expensive jewelry piece. You never know what will be in the candle until you let your candle meltdown. Once melted down enough you will find a ball of tin foil. You want to unwrap that because inside is your surprise! In my case I got a nice pair of fashion earrings. They look very nice, but unfortunately, one downside is that I did not notice a way to get the value of your jewelry item from Dazzle Candles. Some companies put a code that you can enter on the site to see what your jewelry value is. While this is not a big deal, it just adds to the excitement in my opinion.  
Overall I had an awesome experience! The candle smelled great, the earrings were gorgeous and it actually burns for a while. I sort of cheated and dug my treasure out when I got the chance, but even without the jewelry I have been enjoying the candle and it`s aroma! I would definitely recommend giving Dazzle Candles a try if you`d like to find some treasure in your candles!