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{Giveaway} Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener #Review 
There comes a time in every woman's life where she has to consider the fact that she is aging. She will start to show signs of aging at first in her late 20s, or in her early 30s. She might notice that her skin is starting to look a little different, a little mature. She will also notice the first signs of fine lines. She might start to get lines in her forehead. She'll also start to notice things like deep lines around the creases of her eyes. They are known as "crows feet." Or, she might start to get fine lines underneath her eyes. Sometimes, a woman will notice that she's getting small crease lines around her mouth. These lines will start to deepen and crease as gets older. These lines are otherwise known as "smile lines."  
There is nothing in of itself wrong with these lines. These lines come from the movement of the skin on the face, the muscles underneath the face, from health, and from the environment. For example, if a woman lives in an area where she is exposed to a lot of sun, or if she indulges in a lot of outdoor activities, then she will be more prone to lines and wrinkles than someone who lives in a cold climate, or who stays indoors all of the time. One's health plays a part in how many wrinkles a woman will experience as well. For example, if a woman experiences a lot of stress, she expects for the stress to show on her face. If she is a smoker, then she can bet on lines and wrinkles appearing on the face, especially around the mouth. Not matter what a woman has experienced in her life, she is going to have to face a decision, with regards to what she'd like to do about her wrinkles. As such, she will seek out a variety of anti-wrinkle products to help her keep the appearance of fresh, young skin. Or at the very least, all women would like to look very good for their age, as in 10 years younger than what they are. It's always flattering for a woman to get complements that she looks very youthful and healthy for her age. We live in a world that prices youth, with regards to one's beauty. So, a woman will want to fight the wrinkles every step of the way.  
Here's a look at some of the anti wrinkle products out there, and the benefits of using these anti-wrinkle products 
Anti-wrinkle serums: These serums are useful, for regenerating the production of healthy skin cells. They encourage the skin to replace the old and tired skin, with fresh, plump, and youthful skin cells. In this way, the woman will gain healthy skin in places that she is starting to show wrinkles. The hope is that the look of fine lines and wrinkles will diminish on their own, as more youthful skin will start to replace the dead and damaged skin cells. There are also anti-wrinkle serums that work by filling in the fine lines and creases. The technology behind these serums works because these serums sit on the skin layer, and they fill in the creases and lines. Over a period of time, these serums also work to encourage the production of healthy and new skin. In the meantime, the serum will give the appearance of fresh skin on the areas of the face, such as the forehead, the eyes, and around the mouth.  
Anti-wrinkle creams: These do the same thing as serums, but unlike serums, they are of a different consistency. These absorb into the skin, to specifically give the skin a feel of softness, and of elasticity. When the skin is dry from the environment, or from dehydration, the skin will start to get crepe paper-like, and it will start to crease and wrinkle. When a woman uses anti-wrinkle creams, she will experience new softness in her face. This will give her the appearance of smoother and softer skin.  
Anti-wrinkle eye gels/creams: These are products that are designed to specifically work around the eye. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and they have a different makeup than skin on the other parts of the face. The skin around the eyes doesn't produce much oil, and it is very thin. This skin also takes a lot of beatings from the environment as well. And of course, the eye area needs to be protected from chemicals that might not be suitable for use around the eye area. This is why eye creams and gels are designed. They work to fill in the creases in the corners of the eye. They also work to firm the skin around the eye. Some creams and gels work to eliminate the look of dark circles, which can also age a woman as well.  
These anti-wrinkle creams for the face, eyes, and mouth area vary in price ranges. Some are for those experiencing the first signs of aging. Some of them are for those who are in the advanced stages of aging, but they'd like to bring the skin on their face back to life. A woman's beauty is very important to her well-being. Her beauty in many cases is her social standing. No woman wants to look tired and wrinkled before her time. As such, she'll want to invest in anti wrinkle products that will give her a healthy and youthful look.  
I am 27 years in age and unfortunately, I`ve started seeing the effects of aging. It`s not horrible or bad for me, but the fine lines are enough to get me to start using creams and such like the Ageless Derma Face Brightening Cream. I`ve been using this cream in combination with my vitamin C face serum and since using the products I`ve noticed a reduction in fine lines. It`s not a miracle worker or work over night, but after a couple weeks is when I got the most noticeable difference. I just have the fine lines, no wrinkles, so I can only comment on that aspect of the product and not what it`ll do for wrinkles. For me, reducing the fine lines is a huge plus though.  
Using the creams are beyond easy. The bottle you simply press the top down and the tan colored cream comes out. Although the cream is tan, it does not tint your skin at all. I found it absorbed quickly and easily and worked well in combination with the vitamin c as I have been doing. My skin has become not only nicer in terms of reducing the fine lines, but it`s also become softer and smoother. I`m definitely pleased with the results thus far and can honestly recommend them at least for fine line issues!
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