Looking for a quality razor? Check out thisĀ Drs ProChoice Best Silver Double Edge 3pcs Shaving Razor Kit for just $11.99 and getĀ FREE shipping if you`re an Amazon Prime member!
  • ?The BAILI workmanship of this DURABLE STRAIGHT RAZOR TRAVEL SET is AWESOME. Super weight and balance, which means LESS CUTS AND RAZOR BURNS. barber`s straight blade shave and cartridge shaves.
  • ?TOP QUALITY BLADES made in Sweden 6Cr13 stainless steel, double platinum coated, VERY SHARP for a comfortable shave.
  • ?REMEMBER that these are razor blades and very sharp. So be careful when handling these blades.
  • ?- GREAT FOR WOMAN. This is a joy to use and NICE DESIGN feels good in your hand. Fewer nicks and ingrown hairs. WORKS GREAT on even sensitive skin.
  • ?QUOTES:"Many people are going back to old style shaving tools such as this and straight edge and I think that`s pretty cool." "A beautiful gift for dad and very reasonable price."
What I think This is an amazing set, however, ours arrived with a broken mirror. Aside from that, it`s pretty nice and my husband was excited about it. The razor came with several blades, and travel case. The blade was easy to insert. This razor provided a nice smooth shave. The nice silver finish, and handle design, make it a nice statement piece. The razor handle is shorter then other razors on the market that are at your local stores and is fairly heavy in comparison. The handle unscrews from the top and there are 2 pieces that come apart that the blade fits into the middle. After inserting the blade in between the two metal pieces you need to screw the handle back on and it is as simple as that. The price is surprisingly affordable. I would recommend this razor as a Father`s Day gift, along with a nice shave cream. 1f4b0 Get Cash back on this purchase by using TopCashBack! Sign up here for FREE!
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