DrainWig #Review   Slow bathtub drains and clogged drains are problems that nearly every homeowner will experience. The good news is many clogs can be prevented with proper maintenance. Periodic maintenance can prevent homeowners from calling in a plumber and can help avoid costly repairs. Bathtub clogs are generally a gradual problem, until one day family members are up to their ankles in bathwater that will not drain. Follow these tips and strategies to save money and prevent bathtub clogs before they happen:   1. Use a Drain Cover Hair is one of the main causes of clogged bathtub drains. Hair clogs can easily be prevented with a hair trap or drain cover. Human hair and pet hair are prone to forming matted clogs and becoming entangled around the internal chain that operates the drain stopper. Shower drain covers are a practical, affordable solution that can prevent costly plumbing repairs and limit the frequency and severity of bathtub clogs. Simple shower drain covers will also prevent foreign objects from falling down the drain pipe where they cause major problems. Shower drain covers are available in many styles, including domed models that fit around existing drain stoppers. There are plastic hair traps as well as metal drain covers. Homeowners who are tired of frequent clogs should look for a hair trap with a fine mesh screen that will prevent more hair and debris from attaching to existing clogs.   2. Try a Quality Clog Remover Chemical drain cleaners keep drains running freely and break up stubborn clogs. Drain cleaning solutions are an integral part of any periodic drain maintenance plan. Most commercial drain cleaners contain lye or caustic chemicals that have the power to break down protein, hair, soap buildup and other clog-causing materials. When used regularly, chemical drain cleaners prevent hair clogs and breakdown buildup that slows down bathtub drains. Consumers can choose from gel, foam and liquid drain cleaners which have their own benefits. If this strategy is unsuccessful, it’s important to thoroughly flush the drain pipe. If a professional needs to be called, be sure to let the plumber know if caustic drain openers have been used before attempting repairs.   4. Avoid Drain-Clogging Activities Corrosion, narrowing pipes, foreign objects and existing clogs make bathtub drains sensitive to fine debris and particals. Older homes with archaic plumbing are prone to clogged drains. If this is the case, homeowners need to be especially careful when emptying mop buckets, carpet shampooer waste water and other liquids that are laden with dust, dirt, lint, and pet hair that clog sensitive drain pipes. Washing pets can also clog sensitive drains. To prevent clogs from forming in these circumstances, try emptying mop buckets outside or in the toilet. Use a shower hair trap with a fine mesh screen that will trap debris when shampooing pets.   Frequent clogs after activities that should not impact drainage are signs of underlying plumbing problems. If drain cleaners and preventative measures and don’t provide the desired results, it could be time to call a qualified plumber to diagnose, evaluate and repair the problem. Plumbers use pipe cameras to locate clogs and obstructions. They also have snakes and mechanical tools to remove trapped debris and foreign objects. When necessary, plumbers remove lever-style stoppers to extract hair clogs and other debris. In some cases, calling a licensed plumber is the only surefire solution for eliminating clogs and common plumbing issues.   If you have a clogged drain and suspect it`s because of hair then the DrainWig may do you some good. The DrainWig is a simple designed product that`s light weight and honestly pretty easy to use. Just insert it into your drain, Leave in for 2-5 months, then Remove hair & debris easily through drain cover. While this doesn`t sold your issue if you`re already clogged up, once you unclog your drain this is great to have. I`m one who regularly loses hair when showering. I have thick hair and as much as I try to catch it and put it to the side until the end of my shower, I can`t get it all. This is perfect for that purpose. It`s simple, easy to use and actually works. So far, no complaints here!   P.S. - For $5 off – enter in the promo code box at check out the code “FIZZ5” (that is a number 5 at end – not an “S”). This is only valid through their retail site so shop there to take advantage of the code!

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