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I absolutely love trying new products! I had never heard of Daily Goodie Box until I was offered the chance to try them a few months back and now I am in love! I look forward to seeing what they have to offer every month, now.
About Daily Goodie Box 
Long story short, everyone loves to receive free items in the mail, including us! Our team has helped develop and shape how free samples are distributed today. And now, we are changing the landscape forever with the introduction of the new DailyGoodieBox. We are going to send you free Goodie Boxes that are not only 100% free, but we’ll also cover the shipping costs too! We will never ask you for a credit card or any type of payment. Our Goodie Boxes are absolutely 100% free to you. What do we want in return? Just your honest opinion on what you thought of each product you receive. Really, that`s it! What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We take your review and show it to the brand. Simple!


So what`s awesome is this box is FREE - you do not pay a thing! So if you don`t like something, well, you have nothing to lose!

So here`s what I got in my Daily Goodie Box:



Tipson - Organic Tea

Moringa - the amazing tree - grows leaves full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that have been relied upon for their healing properties for centuries. When organically cultivated the leaves offer a variety of health benefits and are reputed for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They may even also help control blood sugar levels and help reduce bad cholesterol. A delicious, caffeine-free tea, our moringa leaves and natural flavorings are grown 100 percent organically, so you can be sure you're getting all the healthful benefits this amazing tree has provided enthusiastic drinkers across many cultures. Expertly flavored, Tipson's moringa teas are a wonderful tonic hot or iced. We enclose our bleach-free biodegradable tea bags in foil envelopes to ensure they keep all their medicinal benefits for your good health. Tipson's flavorful organic moringa tea collection is a great pick-me-up alternative to caffeinated beverages like coffee and black tea (Note: Tipson's Moringa and Green Tea flavor does contain caffeine!). Enjoy our moringa with turmeric tea night or day, hot or cold - it's a nutritious complement to your healthy lifestyle. Count on Tipson to give you the quality you deserve!

my thoughts 
Oh, I am too excited about this one! I love tea, but I like it sweet and flavorful. I particularly enjoy it in the winter, however, I made an exception to try this one and I'm glad I did! I Steeped a tea bag in 4 ounces of hot water and added a very small amount of orange honey to it, it tasted AMAZING! Usually, I have sugar and cream added as well, but I didn't for this one and I felt I got the most out of it. Very flavorful and really good! Would definitely buy again!

que bella professional detoxifying intense black peel off mask

Que Bella - Detoxifying Intense Black Peel Off Mask

The que bella professional detoxifying black peel off mask helps remove stubborn blackheads and clear blocked pores. The charcoal helps to deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin whilst the peel off action allows you to see the impurities removed from your skin. Enriched with vitamin E, the mask helps to moisturize and protect whilst unclogging and tightening pores. 
my thoughts 
This item does make my face feel nice after I have peeled it off, however, be prepared because it is super runny and messy when applying. I knew it would be on the thinner side because it is a peel-off mask, but I had multiple spots where it was just dripping or running down my face while I was waiting for it to dry.

Napz - All-Natural Sleep Solution

Napz is unique because it can be used to onset sleep at night, or for the middle of the night awakenings, or a long nap. It is perfect for travel and jet lag, as well. It is ideal for the consumer that wants a natural sleep aid that is non-habit-forming with no hangover effects. Napz does not contain synthetic melatonin, therefore, it will not disrupt the consumers own melatonin production levels.

my thoughts

This product helped me get a good nights sleep without waking up feeling groggy or still tired. Napz had a relaxing effect and I woke up good. I wasn't tired. 


Essential Oxygen - Organic Brushing Rinse

Our Organic Brushing Rinse is the first step of The Pristine Protocol and your healthiest and brightest smile. With the power of hydrogen peroxide and organic essential oils, this amazing pre-rinse works to naturally whiten teeth, freshen breath and clean your whole mouth, especially first thing in the morning.

my thoughts 

Unfortunately, the sample size wasn't enough to be able to fully test for honest results.


Ode To Clean - All-Purpose Wipes

60 pre-moistened all-purpose wipes per pack. 
Ingredients: Purified water and plant starch (which is made into Bioperoxide, glucoside, and Lyocell wipes). These are the only ingredients we use!
my thoughts 

Unfortunately, the sample size wasn't enough to be able to fully test for honest results.

Cinnamon Churro

Spudsy - Sweet Potato Puffs

A better-for-you, crunchier version of your favorite cinnamon roll! It's THAT good!  Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Free of Top 8 Allergens. 130 calories + 3g protein per serving (28g).

my thoughts 

The cinnamon is out of this world, taste like mini churros and are a the perfect snack/dessert for a sweet tooth. Just disappointed with the super tiny sample as even that small bag wasn't full.

CURAD - Quick Stop Bandages

Ordinary bandages are made to absorb — not stop — bleeding. QuickStop products contain a blood clotting agent called m●doc Active, a naturally-derived coagulant. When contacting blood, it forms a soft, gel-like layer to stop bleeding fast & reduce the risk of reopening the wound.

my thoughts 

I haven't had to use these for heavy bleeding, but as a regular bandage, it holds up well and doesn't easily come undone. Easy to apply. Doesn't hurt the wound. Nice quality.

Cranberry Almond Maple Granola

Bakery On Main - Cranberry Almond Maple Granola

This Bakeshop Delicious Cranberry Almond Maple granola was created for you by combining our audaciously premium multigrain & bean crisps made with corn, brown rice, ancient grains, and navy beans, with sweetened dried cranberries, seeds & nuts, and finished with the delicious taste of maple.

my thoughts 

This is absolutely delicious! At first, the flavor does take a bit of getting used to, but after a couple of bites, I really enjoyed it. Just wish it was a full size and not a super tiny sample.


So what I love about this box is obviously you get to try new products in full-sized packs (although most are samples sized). One disadvantage to the box is that there is no information card to tell you about each. As I said, it`s a free box so there`s no reason to complain, but an information card could be handy. I like to know where I can get more and the price of items even suggested use depending on what it is. With that said, everything I tried in the box was great! Ultimately, if you like trying new things and giving your opinion on them, I recommend signing up to get your free Daily Goodie Box!

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