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I absolutely love trying new products! I had never heard of Daily Goodie Box until I was offered the chance to try them a few months back and now I am in love! I look forward to seeing what they have to offer every month, now.
About Daily Goodie Box 
Long story short, everyone loves to receive free items in the mail, including us! Our team has helped develop and shape how free samples are distributed today. And now, we are changing the landscape forever with the introduction of the new DailyGoodieBox. We are going to send you free Goodie Boxes that are not only 100% free, but we’ll also cover the shipping costs too! We will never ask you for a credit card or any type of payment. Our Goodie Boxes are absolutely 100% free to you. What do we want in return? Just your honest opinion on what you thought of each product you receive. Really, that`s it! What’s the catch? There isn’t one. We take your review and show it to the brand. Simple!


So what`s awesome is this box is FREE - you do not pay a thing! So if you don`t like something, well, you have nothing to lose!

So here`s what I got in my Daily Goodie Box:



DRY Soda Company - Culinary-Inspired Sparkling Sodas

DRY Sparkling sodas are lightly sweet, non-alcoholic, and made with beautifully balanced botanical flavors. All varieties contain just four ingredients and about half the sugar of traditional sodas.

my thoughts 
I had never heard of this brand up until I received a can. This soda was unique but absolutely delicious! I received the Vanilla flavor and I chilled mine in the refrigerator before trying it and it definitely was amazing. Not too sweet, yet not too dry. Definitely wish I could try more flavors!

Grand Garlic Parm 'Nana Chips: Single Serve 8-Pack - Bubba's Fine Foods

Bubba’s Fine Foods - Grand Garlic Parm ‘Nana Chips 

Made with mouthwatering spices and low-sugar, savory bananas, Grand Garlic Parm Banana Chips are the perfect cheesy vegan snack without the cheese. Featuring a well-balanced blend of garlic and oregano, this vegan, dairy free chip will satisfy the deepest salty snack cravings. Throw a bag in the car, put a bag in your backpack or just eat it right on the spot. Bubba's single serves are the perfect way to have your favorite paleo snack with you any time of day.
my thoughts 
Unfortunately, I did not really enjoy these. While the flavor seemed to not be too bad, I found they were too hard to truly be enjoyable for me. I'm a big fan of banana chips, but these just tasted more 'manufactured' than fresh so these are not ones I could recommend.

Evo Hemp - Mocha Chip Hemp Bar

Our Non-Fortified Nutritional yeast provides the great cheesy flavor you're looking for without the use of synthetic additives. With a nutty cheesy flavor, our nutritional yeast is a favorite among many vegans because of its unique flavor and similarity to cheese when added to foods. Nutritional yeast is NOT brewer's yeast, bakers yeast, or Torula yeast; and because nutritional yeast does not come in contact with barley (like brewer's yeast), it is gluten-free and safe for people with Celiac Disease. Nutritional yeast is produced by culturing the yeast with a mixture of sugar cane and beet molasses, then harvesting, washing, drying, and packaging the yeast.

my thoughts

Unfortunately, the sample size was too small to really do anything to try this item. Therefore, I am unable to give an honest review of this product.

Evo Hemp Protein Bars - Mocha Chip

Evo Hemp - Mocha Chip Hemp Bar

Simple, incredible ingredients. Hemp is the most nutritionally complete food source on the planet. Made with hemp protein and cashew butter, Evo Hemp Protein Bars provide 3-4 hours of energy without added fillers, oils, or sulfates. This nutrient-dense product is packed with 12g protein, 5g fiber, and only 4g sugar.

my thoughts 

WOW! I AM IN LOVE! So When I unpackaged this candy bar it didn't look like much. It sort of reminded me of a nasty looking health bar (appearance-wise) so I didn't think I was going to like it. I took a bite... then another... tasted just like a fresh cookie. I mean delicious!! So my only complaint is that a whole box wasn't sent because these are O-M-G delicious!

Aqua Biome Fish Oil Classic Strength label

Aqua Biome™ - Fish Oil Classic Strength

We believe in quality research to create potent and effective solutions. The unique Aqua Biome™ formulas are based on cutting edge science to go the furthest in benefiting complete health by providing the optimal ratio of Omegas DHA, EPA, and DPA.* Having these in the proper ratio for human health is now understood to be more important than high dosages alone. Aqua Biome™ is the world's first fish oil with DPA, the "missing omega" that other fish oils don't know about. This crucial omega can be converted to either DHA or EPA by your body in an instant.*
my thoughts 

I'm not really big into supplements and such, however, I've seen fish oil vitamins and have smelled them. Generally, they are HUGE pills and smell horrible. While I have not taken these, I can say they are smaller than the average fish oil pills, they are soft gel capsules, and most amazingly, they don't stink! So if the smell has been whats holding you back, these may be the right ones for you to try.

Natralia - Heel Balm

Natralia Heel Balm smoothes and softens rough dry heels in as little as 3 days. Formulated with a unique combination of Rosemary, Tea-tree, Safflower oils and Shea Butter

my thoughts 

I was really looking forward to trying this, but unfortunately, my tube arrived with the protective seal peeled back and crusted stuff around it so I didn't trust it to try it... 

SolarDerm Package Set

SolarDerm - After Sun Facial Moisturizer

Deeply hydrates dry skin and soothes skin irritated after sun exposure. Helps prevent premature skin aging and wrinkles caused by daily exposure to the sun. Restores and balances the skin tone dulled by sun rays.

my thoughts 

Unfortunately, the sample size was too small to really do anything to try this item. Therefore, I am unable to give an honest review of this product.

Flathau’s Fine Foods - All Natural Shortbread Cookies

All-Natural Shortbread Snaps are the perfect snack or gift.  Once you pick them up, they're hard to put back down.  Available in 4, 6, 8, and 16 ounce and vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness in an airtight foil-lined pouch. These snaps are perfect for any holiday occasion, other flavors are available in key lime, butterscotch, lemon, peppermint, lemon, and cinnamon.

my thoughts 

These are pretty good! I like the flavor and the fact that they're bite-sized. I do wish they were softer though as I prefer softer shortbread cookies, regardless these are definitely a nice little treat!


So what I love about this box is obviously you get to try new products in full-sized packs (although most are samples sized). One disadvantage to the box is that there is no information card to tell you about each. As I said, it`s a free box so there`s no reason to complain, but an information card could be handy. I like to know where I can get more and the price of items even suggested use depending on what it is. With that said, everything I tried in the box was great! Ultimately, if you like trying new things and giving your opinion on them, I recommend signing up to get your free Daily Goodie Box!

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