Have a little kid? This is the perfect solution for helping them sleep better at night! No, I did not get this for free. I paid for it out of my own pocket. But I just had to share this experience with you!
So my son, Jace, is 5-years-old and is quite the character. A little goofball who will really have you laughing. Sometimes he has trouble sleeping and sometimes he just likes to pretend he's scared as a tactic to try and stay up later. He enjoys monsters and scaring people - but doesn't like anything too scary. So when I saw Country Scents offered a Bogeyman Room Spray, I had to get it for him.
Jace absolutely LOVED the idea of a spray to keep the Bogeyman away and used it all the time. The spray consists of a warm, woody scent of sandalwood and cedarwood with hints of nutmeg and ginger type of fragrance. It was a light fragrance so nothing harsh or strong - perfect for kids! This was nearly a year ago when I first got this for him. Since then, the spray has run out and while he knows the Bogeyman isn't real, he sometimes has bad dreams so he will spray it to help keep those bad dreams away. So basically, it's a "don't be scared" type of spray. Since it ran out and I needed to replace it rather quickly. This is where the Country Scents Royal Guard Kids Essential Oil Blend comes in.
The Royal Guard Essential Oil Blend is a mix of a warm and earthy blend of botanicals. The blend is balsam, cedarwood, chamomile, davana, lavandin, lemon, orange, spearmint, and tangerine. The picture on the bottle is cute and perfect to show you have more mix to keep those scary nighttime things away! So what do I do?
I took my empty Bogeyman spray bottle and rinsed it out. I filled it with water then added a nice bit of drops of the Royal Guard Oil blend. The more drops you add, the stronger the fragrance. I shook it up and that was it. We sprayed it and it was back to a good night routine of spraying and keeping the hidden monsters and bad dreams away! So if you haven't already grabbed one of the Country Scents Fragrance Room Sprays to try (there are a ton of scents to choose from) and grab some Country Scents Essential Oils!
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