I don’t usually do a lot of reading, but since this book was just 242 pages, I was able to enjoy it; especially with that extra down time I had with my web site updates and transfers (yuck). So with my unwanted down time, I made use of it, including checking out a new book called Children’s Fantasy in the e-book version.
Even though James has just celebrated his eleventh birthday and his magical abilities have just awakened, he feels like the most unlucky boy on the planet. He’s not just sulking for no good reason—he is actually cursed with bad luck. It’s hereditary and his family has dealt with their misfortune for generations. With the help of his two best friends and a wise wereparakeet he has just inherited, James is determined to alter his fate and to make the very best of his situation. Published: Dec. 26, 2015 Words: 56,280 Language: English ISBN: 9781310525711
What I think

My Rating: ★★★★★

As many of you know, I do homeschool my 8 year old daughter. So with that, not only did I read this book, but I did so alongside of my 8 year old daughter. For the most part she was able to read the book, but of course some of it she still needed my help. I was very pleased to find that the book was well written and easy to understand. I love the amount of detail that the author used when writing the book, which made it easy to imagine as you read. Details are what really helps make a book come alive and I found the author made sure of that with this publishing. The plot flows through a fantasy adventure with just a small amount of humor about a young wizard who turns eleven and his magical power finally awakens and he finds out he has a family curse which brings bad luck. The main conflict of the story runs on the incident where James have to stop a powerful secondary realm creature who is hiding in the school. There is only one rule: Like all wereanimals, it`s very important for her to remain a vegetarian, especially when there is a full moon. Ultimately I found this to be a great read and a great way for my daughter and I to do her school work together. It was also her first chapter book that I was able to help her read. If I could suggest any improvements it would be to add some illustrations in since it is a children’s book. While I know that’s not usually typical, I am a picture person, as is my daughter. It’s just a mere opinionated suggestion for that though and doesn’t alter how I feel about the overall book. Great book, great experience and seems to be a great author. Definitely recommended!

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