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Benefits Of Using Silicone Kitchenware Products #Review  
Over the years, silicone baking molds and kitchenware products have become widely popular. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes and are preppy and decorative. Kitchen utensils are a primary addition to every home. Still most of the times, people pick up boring kitchen utensils and might get cookware that doesn't offer them benefits. But thanks to development of silicone kitchenware products, people can have colorful, attractive and beneficial cookware, baking ware that makes cooking pleasure. Some of the benefits and advantages of silicone kitchen utensils are discussed below:  
Deals with heat
Silicone cookware can easily deal with the heat. Unlike some other materials, silicone products can actually withstand higher temperatures. In fact, a number of China silicone product manufacturers who deal with cookware have products that can withstand over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So, the next time you accidentally leave milk boiling in the cookware for a long, long time, you won't have to worry about melting the cookware and leaving your kitchen in a mess.  
Easy to maintain
One of the reasons behind rising popularity of silicone kitchenware is the fact that they are quite easy to maintain. Unlike regular utensils that may need a hand wash, silicone utensils can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. But users must remember that silicone ware with wooden designs must not be washed in hot water regularly, as its sheen would deteriorate. Still, regular silicone utensils can easily be washed and won't melt even if they fall to the bottom. Don't stain easily Most of the utensils, including rubber and metal tend to get stains and sometimes, these stains can be too difficult to remove. But silicone kitchen utensils aren't porous as rubber and therefore, they will not get stained easily. This ensures that they sheen and beauty lasts longer and the utensil doesn't smell.  
Scratch Resistant
While products with non-stick coatings can easily get scratched, most of the products made of silicone are scratch resistant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about using a particular kind of soap or a spoon and ladle while using silicone utensils. This makes them safer to use.  
Silicone utensils are quite flexible. Hence they are employed for purposes like baking. They don't rust and stain, which means you will have your kitchenware looking like new for a long time. Moreover, they don't require any special storage measures and are usually able to retain their shape. Therefore, you can use them for baking as usual without the need for altering your batter or changing cooking temperature.  
A single solution
Silicone kitchenware is a single solution for all needs. A single utensil can be used for baking, storing, freezing and then reheating as well. Removing baked items from the pan is super easy as you simply have to twist them slightly.   These are the several benefits that silicone kitchenware have over others. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer's ratings and considerations while using silicone cookware to make sure that they last longer.  
Here`s some great silicone kitchware I have discovered that I enjoy using:  
1) Silicone Large 8-Ice Cube Tray Maker for Scotch or Whiskey Drinks Black
I`m not going to lie, when these first came in I thought I must have gotten some silicone mini cake molds, but these are actually 2" jumbo ice cube molds! Of course, with it being silicone you can use it for multiple purposes whether it`s ice, cake, chocolate, or whatever you can think of. The tray as a whole measures 8.25" x 4.50" x 2" and is made of food grade, quality silicone. The non-slip silicone design allows for the tray to securely sit alone or be stacked - whichever you choose, it works. When all is said and done you can easy get these cleaned by tossing them in the dishwasher or letting them just soak in some warm soapy water, either option is an easy clean solution for these. Overall this is a simple and easy to use product that`s easy to clean. I love the multiple uses for it with endless cooking and dessert possibilities.  
2) Ice Ball Maker Silicone Round, 4-Spheres, Black
These are so fun! This mold makes 4 perfect ice ball spheres and when I say they`re solid - I mean they are solid! The silicone is high quality and food grade so the ice balls don`t taste funny at all. It`s just a ball of ice and tastes as such. The ice does take a longer period of time to get to a freezing point than when you make a regular ice cube, but they also melt a bit slower I notice. I personally think these are more entertaining myself just because they`re unique to a typical ice cube. I mean how often to you get an ice ball in your drink?! If you want to get creative you could make some frozen flavored ice balls too! When all is said and done cleaning is a breeze - just toss in the dishwasher or soak in some warm soapy water - whatever you prefer because either works perfectly!  
Here`s another unique and fun ice mold! These are extra-large 2-inch squared ice molds that are slow melting. Each mold tray makes 6 2x2x2 cubes. It takes longer to freeze these bigger cubes than a typical ice cube, but they last longer as well. From my experience it took the day to get some ice cubes fully frozen so if you need these for an event plan ahead of time. These are made of a quality food grade silicone. Of course other than making ice cubes these would also work to make mini cakes or other small desserts as well so they have multiple use options to them. Overall a great yet simple mold. Not to mention easy to clean by tossing in the dishwasher or hot soapy water!  
Oh this is the cutest and funnest little mold! This mold makes 10 LEGO Building Bricks that measure 2.5 x 4.7 x 1.5 cm in size. They are BPA Free and made of quality food grade silicone. I love the detail put into these molds, but can also make making your treats hard to get out so I recommend some sort of cooking spray just to help get your treat out a bit easier. These are great to use both in the freezer and over up to 400 degrees F. So you can make little cakes, chocolates or even ice cubes - whatever you can dream up. Whenever you`re done just toss in the dishwasher or warm soapy water and cleanup is done! Great quality molds that are fun and easy to clean - my type of kitchen supplies!
My husband is a star wars fan and this was a MUST have for him! When I got this in he was beyond excited - seriously, like a little kid. Anyhow, the sphere measures about 3 inches in size and super cool. On the inside it`s got a detailed star wars theme design and it really molds the ice in that way. It does take quite a while to freeze solid, but once it`s solid it takes a while to melt. I love that because this is made of silicone you`re not limited to just making ice balls, but you can use it to make other treats as well such as cakes or chocolates. The mold is well made and durable. And of course when you`re done you can simply toss it in the dishwasher or soak in warm soapy water - either way the mold is an easy clean.  
6) Intel Home Goods 12 Reusable Silicone Baking Cups
I love baking with silicone - seriously. The cups are pretty, vibrant, durable and well made. It`s BPA-free and food grade silicone and come in pink, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple all in one package. Not to mention they`re freezer safe, oven safe (up to 475 degrees) and dishwasher safe. This set of 12 reusable silicone baking cups are great not only for baking cup cakes, but making all sorts of treats and even for organizing purposes. Each cup measures 2-5/8-inch dia x 1.25-inch tall and holds 2-1/4 fluid ounces to the rim. Since discovering silicone molds I have never touched a paper cupcake paper again. No more ripping and peeling away because these come off the cupcake with ease. Plus it saves a lot of money in the long run on the paper cups. While the cupcake may be stuck to the silicone after baking, it`s actually super easy to clean. Just toss in the dishwasher or soak in hot soapy water and these are cleaned without any real scrubbing; unlike aluminum pans. These are definitely a MUST have in my kitchen these days and there`s no turning back for me!
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