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Battlefield Earth: Epic New York Times Best Seller SCI-FI Adventure Novel #Review In response to the Voyager launched in 1977, an alien race, the Psychlos, remorselessly wiped out the humans with a poisonous gas barrage, and ground and air bombings. They killed more than 99.9% of the people on Earth, not to mention their sadistic hunting sprees of people for pure pleasure for the ensuing 1,000 years.  Now, there are about 3,000 Psychlos stationed on Earth, mining her remaining natural resources, and mankind is an endangered species. Terl, the greedy and sadistic Psychlo Planetary Security Chief assigned to Earth, has a selfish plan for a future of abundance and prosperity.  This plan requires enslaving humans to mine precious gold in the treacherous Rocky Mountains, and then wiping out all of the evidence, including all remaining human life. Enslaved by Terl, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler must turn a small desperate band of the last survivors into a tightly coordinated rebel force. Pitted against impossible odds, they must outsmart this cunning and vicious alien adversary that has conquered all opposition throughout the galaxy into total oblivion. Is Jonnie’s fight to save humanity from these gigantic, technologically superior, and cruel monsters a losing battle where mankind will become forever extinct? Or will humans regain the Earth once more after centuries of domination by the alien invaders in this high-stakes science fiction adventure? Experience the book that changed the shape of science fiction forever. When first published, Battlefield Earth dominated the best-seller lists for 32 weeks. A Random House Modern Readers Library Poll voted Battlefield Earth one of the Best 100 English language novels of the 20th century. The great SF author Robert Heinlein called Battlefield Earth “a masterpiece.” This new 21st Century Edition contains these bonuses:
  •   Cover art by legendary SF and fantasy painter Frank Frazetta.
  •  The author’s never-before-published handwritten notes.
  •  An exclusive interview with the author.
With 19 New York Times bestsellers and more than 320 million copies of his works in circulation, L. Ron Hubbard is among the most acclaimed and widely read authors of our time. As a leading light of American Pulp Fiction through the 1930s and `40s, he is further among the most influential authors of the modern age. Indeed, from Ray Bradbury to Stephen King, there is scarcely a master of imaginative tales who has not paid tribute to L. Ron Hubbard. What I think This book is an excellent read for any sci-fi fan!  The book is well written and definitely keeps you wanting more. Once thing I noticed was that many people weren`t too thrilled with the long intro of the book. However, I found it to be interesting and a good way to get you started and into the novel. Personally, I found a bit of humor in it myself. While the book is long, I did not feel like the story was over done or "dragged" out as some may say. The plot arcs are well constructed. You are lead to a certain expectation and then you get a satisfying resolution. I found myself anticipating the resolution from beginning to end. As far as the story goes, Jonnie Goodboy is our protagonist and he is straight out of the pulp action stories of the 40s. There is nothing he can`t do if he puts his mind to it. He is the embodiment of the "bootstrap" philosophy. But he pulls it off without being cheesy and he comes across as a down to earth personality.  The story of man vs ailens who invaded Earth, and man`s fight to regain his planet, it`s a story about man`s survival. Not  about man fighting man, but mankind working together. When we start, we find Psychlo has an out-of-the-way mining colony of Intergalactic Mining Co., a bunch of slovenly employees who wonder why their pay is being cut, and not a lot of thought is given to the “man animals” on the planet. We find the adventures of one security chief with delusions of grandeur and riches, Terl, and his counterpart, a “man animal” who was always considered strange and asked too many questions in his village, and Johnny becomes part of Terl’s plan to take an unknown-to-the-company gold deposit near Denver and convert it to ingots and then blast the animals when the job is done. Terl returns to Psychlo a rich alien, with females and kerbango to last the rest of his life! So Terl trains the animals, men from Johnny and from Scotland, using a learning device that quickly educates in the ways of mining, language and Psychlo technology to extract the gold. The fun begins when Terl gets leverage over his boss, and over the company, little knowing that Johnny has plans of his own. The story further expands from this beyond the bad Psychlos getting theirs, where Earth becomes a target for other alien races! Will Johnny be able to handle these races or will they cut up Earth so these races can pay their debts, continue their wars to satisfy the economies of their war production on their home planets, and meantime put Man in chains? Overall, I could not put this book down once I started to read it.  There are lessons in humanity, earth sciences, economics, how to handle confusions, engineering, space travel, spirituality, freedom, child discipline, psychology, politics, suppression, business management, leadership, ethnology, etc. I love it and definitely recommend it to all other Sci-Fi fans! 1f4b0 Get Cash back on this purchase by using TopCashBack! Sign up here for FREE!
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