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3-in-1 Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base #Review  
The bright light of an LED flashlight can be an invaluable tool when on a camping or hunting trip, and a potential lifesaver in a home or car emergency. The power and efficiency of these light sources have made them incredibly popular throughout the world. How did these bright lights become so popular? How does the LED bulb in the flashlight actually work? Science and practicality have come together to create these innovative light sources - it may just be a good idea to know why.  
To understand how an LED flashlight works it is important to understand what an LED light is. LED stands for light-emitting diode. It is a semiconductor diode that emits light when an electric current passes through it, like a simple circuit. This circuit produces electroluminescence, which can be infrared, visible, or ultraviolet, and a number of different colors depending on the makeup and condition of the semiconducting material used. These lights are often very small, typically less than 1 mm. Manufacturers usually add special optics or lenses to the chip to help with reflection, creating an incredibly powerful beam for the size of the bulb. LED lights are embedded in a high-impact epoxy, which makes them virtually indestructible and therefore perfect for handheld lights. There are no loose or moving parts either. LED lights also produce no heat, allowing them to be used for long periods of time without concern of burning out.  
LED Light Advantages
LED light technology has certain advantages that help it stand out for flashlight and lamp use - visibility, intensity, color, and efficiency.  
LED lights naturally emit a high level of light, called luminous intensity. This visibility is increased by adding chips to the encapsulation or using secondary optics to distribute light. For most LED flashlights or lanterns, there are a number of individual light sources in a single lens.  
The intensity of the light is another characteristic of LED lights. The light output varies depending on the type of chip and encapsulation that is used. Although there is no industry standard for LED brightness or intensity, many manufacturers use terminology such as "ultra-bright" or "super-bright" to describe their lights. These lights have such a powerful beam that they can actually do damage to the human eye.  
Color and Wavelength
Wavelength and color are other characteristics of LED lights. These lights have a pretty broad wavelength spectrum and thus can produce a number of different colors depending on the phosphorous or other compounds added to the encapsulation. The human eye is most responsive, however, to yellow, orange and red LED lights, probably why many come in those colors.  
LEDs are solid-state devices with no moving parts. This allows the average LED light to operate for approximately 100,000 hours at relatively normal ambient temperature (25 degrees C). And unlike other incandescent bulbs, they can be turned on and off without undergoing too much wear and tear.  
Putting It All Together
The basic construction of an LED flashlight is pretty straightforward. A simple closed circuit is used to charge the semiconductor diode, producing a brilliant, cool light. These lights illuminate our pathway in the dark, help us during power outages and signal for help. They are tremendous assets to a home, car or supply boxes.  
The 3-in-1 Cree LED Flashlight with Magnetized Base was much nicer than I expected to be quite honest. It is weather resistant with an anodized aluminum body. It comes with a total of 29 LEDS (18 white LEDs and 11 red LED). The bulbs can last for more than 100,000 hours and are powered by 3AAA batteries (not included). Honestly looking at it you`d expect a C or D battery, but thankfully they`re AAA`s which is a lot more convenient and less expensive in my opinion. What`s really neat about this flashlight compared to other similar ones is that it features a magnetic base that can be stuck on any metallic surface. So if you`re trying to change a tire in the dark, you can do so a lot more easily with this stuck to your car rather than trying to hold it and change it at the same time. Or during power outages, you can attach it the fridge or other metallic surfaces to bring more light to a room rather than carrying it around. The magnetic base is made of some pretty strong magnets so it attaches and holds up well. It was able to hold itself on the side of my car horizontally without slipping or falling.  
Another cool thing is that this light offers 3 light options: Cree, White, and flashing Red LED for improved visibility. Using the light is beyond easy! Just click the button! The first click turns the CREE LED, the 2nd click lights-up the 18 white LED, and the 3rd click turns on RED LED. Give the flashlight one final click and that turns it off. The Cree Light gives off a bright white light with a large focus at the center. The area around the focal point is not as bright, making it unique to other flashlights right off the bat. The LED lights going down the side are white lights that are very bright. This is the part that`ll be the most useful I believe when the flashlight is being used as a magnet to the side of your car or something. The flashing red led lights flash near the head of the flashlight as well as going down the side (where the white LED lights are). This is rather bright for being red, but definitely eye-catching. Definitely, a great way to signal for an emergency or to show caution when approaching to others. With the flashlight being lightweight and slim, 5ozs with dimensions: 8 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches, it`s easy to carry and store away when not in use. Overall this is an excellent flashlight that is well made, high quality, and affordable. Definitely great to keep for emergencies!


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