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Winter is best enjoyed around a fire, with hot cocoa and some roasted marshmallows. Just because temperatures are dipping outside doesn’t mean that you can’t have a wonderful evening in front of the fire. But who’s going to take care of all the ash and soot that is left behind once the fire is extinguished and there’s no more hot cocoa to go around? That’s when owning a fireplace becomes lees enchanting and more annoying. It doesn’t have to be like that however, as there are alternatives for this kind of experience.

Today, it’s easy to get all the pros without the cons in a fireplace by going the ethanol route. Specially designed ethanol fireplaces are available for purchase and they provide buyers with a great alternative for warm winters and comfortable evenings in front of the fire. The benefits, you ask? That’s what we’re here to talk about. There are advantages to keeping an ethanol fireplace in both the interior space as well as the exterior but not many are aware of why tabletop fireplaces are great for your patio. We shall find out soon enough.

The importance of maintaining an ash free air
Smoke isn’t something you’d want to inhale all the time. It’s obviously detrimental to your health but it is also pretty much unavoidable when you have a fireplace. Sure, you could open up a window or two, or even open the door to the backyard, but that would let all the cold inside and it would heavily defeat the purpose of a fireplace. When you’re forced to choose between intoxication with smoke and being utterly counterproductive, you stop and wonder why you should have a fireplace in the first place. Luckily, these aren’t the only options you have. You can also go for an ethanol fireplace which presents the quality of not letting any kind of waste behind. There’s no ash and you won’t have to deal with smoke. Additionally, there’s no soot either, so there’s no cleaning required after this great, modern take on an age old device.

It’s really great for moving around
Ethanol fireplaces aren’t bound by the same physical chains as the normal fireplaces. With an ethanol one, you can move it and take it wherever you please, even outside. Just imagine the look on your guests’ face when you tell them “just second guys, I’ll go grab the fireplace”.  It yields an even greater comedic effect when you do it in the garden and go fetch the ethanol fireplace to bring it outside.

Its mobility isn’t just for confusing guests but also for managing your needs for every situation. If you’re like most people, you have separate rooms where you like to read a book, play a game or just rest. You can take your new mobile fireplace with you no matter where you go to enjoy yourself. If you need more heat, the ethanol fireplace will be right there. Speaking of heat…

As hot as ever
Just because it’s an ethanol fire doesn’t mean it can’t generate the heat it needs to fuel a fire and more importantly to fuel you. You can rest assured that an ethanol construction would be just as useful as a regular one, if not better when it comes to the amount of heat it generates.

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