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So you finally decided to get rid of the comb-over, stop taking those rogaine pills, gave up on continuously getting hair transplants and decided to embrace your baldness. Congratulations you’re in the same category as many other follically challenged men such as Jason Stratham, Dwayne Johnson, and Tupac, being bald hasn’t stopped them so why should it stop you.

When I began losing my hair at 18, I dreaded the day that I would lose it all, I knew from uncles I have and my father’s baldness that I wasn’t suffering from stress or other temporary hair loss causes I knew I had what most men dread to hear about themselves ‘male pattern baldness’ no cure.

I spent countless money, time and effort on trying to combat this from the regain foam to taking Propecia hair loss pills and even considered a hair transplant.

You don’t need to be a rich movie actor or musician to make being bald work for you, if you get a few key things right you’ll look much better whether you’re a local plumber, lawyer, decorator or even an office worker like me.

So what do you need to do to improve your appearance as a bald man?


Grow a Beard

If you haven’t got hair on your head, growing a beard helps balance that out especially if you still have a few hairs left on your head to have a “shaved head” look (I guess psychologically it makes it seem like being bald is your choice). The picture below of Rapper / Actor Common which shows a great example of growing a beard to balance out the lack of hair on your head.


Get into better shape

Now all men look better with some considerable muscle on their body, upper body in particular, however when you’re bald it helps to have that counter balance it. Losing fat also means that your face is less round, more streamlined and your jaw bones become more apparent, all adding to a better appearance. I’m not suggesting you need to look like a Mr Olympia body builder but adding a little muscle to make your clothes fit better will do wonders for your style.

It’s also worth getting your clothes fitted so they fit better so you have the appearance of being in better shape.


Get a Leather Jacket

I know this may some kinda silly but bald men tend to look better in casual clothes as opposed to suits, leather jackets, in particular, look good on bald men. It gives you a bad ass look that is often associated with bald-headed men anyway. Look at the picture below it might also be worth investing in some cool shades.


Whatever you’re doing, do it with confidence. Being overly critical and having low confidence about your hair loss isn’t going to get you anywhere and constantly stressing about it and allowing it to impact your confidence isn’t attractive to anyone. We men tend to focus on it more than anything else, no one else seems to notice or mind. So wherever you are in life right now be confident and happy in your own skin and that’s the best style you can have. 

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