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If you wish your hair could look a little better, but you don't want to shell out the money you think it would require to make it happen, you're not alone. Many people neglect their hair for a variety of reasons even when they spend quite a bit of money on makeup, clothing, and other beauty products. Some people also don't wash their hair often, rarely get haircuts, and generally use lazy styling techniques. The reasons is that all of these things can seem really expensive.

High-quality shampoos costs a lot. An experienced or popular stylist can charge more than $50 an appointment, and hair coloring products can cost even more. These expenses appear to create a high barrier of entry when it comes to great looking hair. Thankfully, there are some ways you can have beautiful hair without spending a fortune.

The creativity of beauty-minded, frugal people is amazing. You can fix your hair situation relatively quickly and easily without visiting the salon by just following some simple tips that others have learned before you. Here are eight that you may find really helpful:


1. Loosely braid your hair.

Instead of using a curling iron to heat style your hair, you can use a loose braid to keep your hair in place without using expensive tools that can damage it. Curling irons and wands can cost more than $80 and usually have to be replaced every two years. By not using these kinds of tools regularly, you can save a lot of money in the long run.


2. Use no-crease ribbon or springy hair ties.

Switching away from normal hair elastics can make a world of difference for the quality of your hair. A lot of women don't know that using these elastics can make your follicles really weak and cause lots of breakage and damage. Replacing these products with no-crease ribbons or springs ones could completely transform how your hair looks and feels. The best part is that they also look great and hardly cost anything. There's really no reason not to switch.


3. Visit your local hairdressing school.

Expensive salons aren't the only place to go to get your hair cut and styled. You can get a free, or nearly free, haircut by visiting your local hairdressing school. You may be apprehensive about getting your hair worked on by someone who isn't extensively experienced, but each student is closely supervised by professionals who will make sure your hair is treated right. This is a great win-win situation where you can get a quality haircut and styling at almost no cost while a student gets the opportunity to get some hands-on experience. 


4. Go to discount stores for your hair products.

High-end hair products at regular salons cost a fortune, but you can get these same shampoos, conditioners, and other solutions at a much lower cost by going to bargain stores. You can usually save 50% or more on other beauty tools, like straighteners and irons, as well. You may not always find exactly what you're looking for, but if you're patient and somewhat flexible you can usually find a fantastic deal.


5. Use do-it-yourself hair solutions.

Hair care products that you buy in the store can not only be expensive, but many of them contain chemicals that aren't very good for your hair. Many people have found a solution with do it yourself. Olive and coconut oil masks, avocado masks, and banana/honey masks can make your hair look vibrant. Egg yolks have been known to repair damage. All of these things are likely already in your home and ready to use.


6. Trust a professional when it counts.

There's nothing wrong with trimming your own hair from time to time to save some money, but when you want some real styling, going to a professional is your best option. This is especially true when it comes to coloring your hair. When you go to a salon, you'll get quality results that typically last a long time. Dyes you find in a drug store usually have damaging chemicals and deliver results that don't last. 


7. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.

Using silk or satin pillowcases is the best way to treat your hair while sleeping. By avoiding a rough surface, your hair will remain moisturized and frizz free. This is just a one-time cost that pays continually for years. This is an especially important hair health tip for those with natural hair.


8. Don't wash your hair every day.

Washing your hair every day sucks all the moisture out of your hair shaft and follicles. A daily ritual of dry shampooing can also present the same problems. They key is to wash your hair once or twice a week with a high-quality product that doesn't use damaging chemicals.

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