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Getting rid of pests and other such bugs in the garden is often a problematic situation. While you want to do your best to get rid of those pests, you do not want to force any harmful chemicals into your garden. This will not only kill the pests, but it may also damage the grass, flowers and other plants you have growing in the area. Thankfully, there are plenty of eco-friendly ways to deal with pesky garden pests. Here are some innovative tips to help you get rid of pesky garden pests. Many people believe that using a soda bottle and filling it with apple cider vinegar and sugar can help you get rid of some insects in your garden. You can even cut up one banana and add it to the mixture, along with a cup of cold water. If you are looking to kill airborne pests, tie the bottle to a tree branch. You can place it on the ground to get rid of ants and other ground-based pests. There are certain types of plants you can add to your garden in order to deter bugs from a certain area. For example, plants such as basil, marigolds and tansy are great for telling bugs to go to another location. What most gardeners do is that they will plant these deterrents among their most valuable plants, ensuring certain areas are completely bug free. If you have problems with flies in certain parts of the garden, you can always take a zip-lock bag and fill it half-way up with water. Attach this zip-lock bag to entry-ways and you should deal with certain flies. When these methods do not achieve the results you want, you can also consider making some eco-friendly pesticide at home. This will help get rid of problematic insects, but it will keep your plants and the garden eco-system safe. Slugs are an extremely annoying part of most home gardens in the Tuscan area. A great trick to getting rid of slugs is to take an empty can of tuna and fill it up with beer. It does not matter if the beer is stale or still fresh. Simply put the beer-filled cans in certain parts of the garden and the slugs will immediately get attracted to the beer. When they find their way into the can, they simply drown and die. Some homes have problems with earwigs, but these pests are also easy to remove if you know the right steps. A great way to get rid of earwigs is by taking wet newspapers and laying them around the garden just before the sun sets. As the sun rises the next morning, the earwigs go into the newspapers because they are comfortable, wet areas for them to sleep. As you get up in the morning, pick up the newspapers and put them into one pile in your garden or driveway. If you want to get rid of the earwigs permanently, you can burn the newspapers. If none of these methods give you adequate results, you may want to consider contacting Essential Pest Control for pest control Tucson services.
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