2016 CA Report: Holiday Cigar Gift Buying Guide

Advisors offer help for the "hard to buy for" with 20+ recommendations

Cigar Advisor, the nation`s premiere online cigar magazine, proudly serves cigar enthusiasts with a uniquely down-to-earth perspective on the enjoyment of premium cigars. The Editorial team has compiled a new holiday buying guide that`s focused on cigar gifts, titled "2016 CA Report: The Advisors` Christmas Cigar Gifts." This newly published feature highlights cigar and cigar accessory selections that will please the experienced cigar enthusiast and the casual smoker alike, and on nearly any budget. "In years past," says Managing Editor John Pullo, "I really tried to challenge the Advisors -- come up with a list of their top picks for great cigar gifts for under $50, or some other really small budget. But it`s Christmas -- so this time, we decided money should be no object, and went a little wild with our picks." Pullo is referring to some of the pricier recommendations in his team`s Christmas cigar gift guide: a $500+ box of Padron Serie 1926 torpedoes, as well as two different Davidoff cigar gift sets that retail for over $12 per cigar. But John is quick to point out that the gift-buying budget to cover a cigar lover doesn`t need to be sky-high: "It really is the thought that counts. And we just wanted to put together a strong list of cigars and cigar toys that any smoker will love, regardless of what you want to spend -- and not make you think too hard about what to buy." Each of the editors also contributed a number of cigar gift picks that still retail for well under $50. Together, the Cigar Advisor editors picked a wide range of humidors, cigar samplers, cutters and lighters -- some are brand new to cigar shop shelves, others are perennial holiday favorites. Among the picks on Executive Editor Gary Korb`s list is the new XIKAR XO cigar cutter: "it`s one of the coolest new inventions from the engineering minds at Xikar," he writes, calling it "certainly one of the most unique gifts you can give your favorite cigar smoker, or yourself." One of John`s options is a nine cigar sampler that includes Montecristo, H. Upmann and Romeo y Juileta cigars -- "they`re legends," he says. "I would call these special occasion smokes. Great to enjoy at a special get-together like Christmas, for sure." Drew Estate cigars, CAO and Perdomo also made their way into the Cigar Advisor2016 gift guide, as did a number of desktop humidors and cigar lighters. Recommending a 25-cigar humidor named "Ironsides," Editor Tommy Zman Zarzecki writes it`s not just because he thinks it looks nice; it`s because he owns one as well. "I like to make recommendations for cigars and accessories based off of personal experience…if it`s on my desk or it`s in my humidor, or if it`s something I like to use regularly, then you can bet I`ll recommend it to you." To see the Cigar Advisor 2016 Holiday Cigar Gift Guide, and to review details on the individual items that made the experts` list -- go to CigarAdvisor.com. About Cigar Advisor Magazine: Cigar Advisor magazine is a digital publication created by, and for, real cigar enthusiasts. The Editors strive every day to accomplish three goals: welcome novices to the hobby of cigar smoking with advice and open arms; share their tobacco-rich lifestyle with good friends and veteran smokers alike; and profess their love for a good smoke with cigar enthusiasts of all stripes, from around the world. Cigar smokers are a passionate bunch -- and whether it is food, drink, sports or cigars they`re fanatical about, Cigar Advisor shares those passions with a razor-sharp edge. Find that passion and more on display at CigarAdvisor.com.
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