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null Tea is a universally popular drink and it caters for many different tastes, as it comes in a variety of different types and flavors these days. If you want some inspiration as to which tea you might like to try next, you can some great green tea here. So if you are ready to fill your cup to the brim and enjoy a refreshing brew, you will be pleased to hear that you can not only enjoy a satisfying beverage, you can also enjoy some health benefits attached to your cup of tea as well.

Reduce your risk of heart disease

If you like the idea of potentially reducing your risk of heart disease, a cup of tea first thing in the morning may well prove beneficial in your quest to stay healthy. Tea has the ability to improve your blood flow in the body, which it does by widening your arteries and reducing the potential risk of suffering from a blood clot as well. Tea contain antioxidants which are known as flavonoids, which are understood to help slow down the onset of heart disease.

Help with your weight

Although it would be wrong to hail tea as a having tremendous weight-loss properties, it has apparently been demonstrated in a number of studies that a cup of tea consumed before lunchtime, can help with your weight loss efforts. The reason for this is that a cup of tea has very few calories in comparison to a soft drink of course, but it also may help to accelerate the rate that you burn calories, which will help to keep your weight in check.

Fighting off dementia

The onset of dementia in old age is something that we all hope to avoid, so anything that you can do to help reduce the prospect of suffering from this condition, is definitely worth trying. Certain types of tea, in particular green tea, has the ability to strengthen the function of memory cells in your brain. If you are a regular tea drinker, it seems that you will not be harming your prospects of fighting off dementia.

Protection against cancer

Cancer affects about a third off of us at some point in our life, so anything that offers some level of protection is worth hearing about, and tea contains properties that can help. You can find medical reports which suggest that case of breast, mouth and prostate cancer, are actually much lower amongst people who regularly drink five or more cups of tea on a daily basis. Studies are still very much ongoing in order to try and establish exactly what it is in the tea that helps in this regard, but it is generally believed that the antioxidants contained in tea, do have anti-cancer properties.

Why you should try green tea

It is quite likely that you will have heard that green tea is considered to be good for you in a number of ways. Tea has antioxidants as we have already heard, but green tea in particular, has also been found to boost your liver function and can also help to prevent arthritis by working on strengthening your bones. If you want to get the most health benefit out of consuming green, it is generally considered better to brew your tea from loose leaves rather than just using a prepared tea bag. You should find that brewing loose-leaf green tea will release more flavors and this in turn should help to release more of those excellent antioxidants into your cup.

Not just a great drink

You may be surprised to discover just how versatile tea is around the house, as well being a great drink to enjoy. If you are cooking a price of meat in the kitchen and want to tenderize it. Even the toughest cuts tend to melt in the mouth once they have been marinated in black tea for a while. If you are suffering from a toothache or sore gums, try brewing a cup of peppermint tea as a natural remedy. A cup of peppermint tea with a slight pinch of salt, works as an antiseptic and the menthol in the drink also helps relieve pain when it comes into contact with the surface of skin inside your mouth. Tea is extremely versatile, and you can even clean wooden furniture and floors using it too. If you don’t already enjoy a cup of tea in the morning or at other times of the day, maybe it is time to consider giving it a go, when you consider all of the things it can do for you, as well as tasting great. 1f4b0 Get Cash back on this purchase by using TopCashBack! Sign up here for FREE!
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