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Testosterone is a common male hormone that is responsible for the male reproduction system and male sexual characteristics. However, it also plays other roles. It is also necessary for women. It is secreted in the ovaries though it is in small amounts. It plays a major role in regulating fertility and how fat is distributed in the body, this is according to medicalnews.com. Sometimes, you tend to experience low production level of testosterone hormone. This is a state that is caused by age. As you age, your testosterone levels drop. The common characters associated with low levels of testosterone include low sperm count and depression. At this point, you will have to visit your doctor for further examining. If it is confirmed, you will be given other alternatives that will increase the production of testosterone hormone. After a few sessions of this correction, you will be able to achieve the following;


  1. Increased libido

Sexual desires are necessary for everyone who intends to be sexually active. If you have lower levels of testosterone, then you automatically lose interest in having sex. Low levels of testosterone lead to low libido. If you are married, this can be very unsettling and at the same time you this can cause depression. To avoid such scenarios, you can visit a doctor and he or she has to confirm if your testosterone levels are okay. If they are not, you will have to undergo the testosterone replacement therapy. This will automatically bring your sexual desires back up. However, you shouldn’t be in a hurry, all you need to do is trust the process. If you ask anyone, they will tell you that the risks are worth considering. So, ask your doctor all the questions you need to


  1. Performance

Being at the gym on a daily basis might be discouraging and at the same time, it might be cumbersome. Gym commitments are hard because they involve doing the same thing until you achieve your desired results. At some point, you might start losing the psych and this might be due to low levels of testosterone in the body. You should worry, this condition can be corrected by adopting a testosterone replacement therapy. The therapy will change your mood and you might find yourself going to the gym without complaining. With the correct testosterone levels, you will have better training and high performance will lead to muscle growth.


  1. Muscles recovery

At times when you hit the gym, you get soreness all over your body. This is a normal condition. This condition can give you negative vibes and you might find yourself not stepping into the gym again. Some people will have the soreness in the legs and others in their arms. It depends on which area you focused on in training. This is a state that has different healing periods. If you put yourself on a testosterone replacement therapy you will realize a commendable change. The soreness might reduce immediately or it might disappear over a shorter time. Basically, testosterone helps you bounce back and heal after exercise. With no soreness, you will be free to train at any given day.


  1. Energy levels

Sometimes you might experience low energy levels during the day. These low energy levels might have been caused by fatigue. Fatigue is a common sign of low testosterone levels. The replacement therapy will ensure that your testosterone levels are back to normal and that is why you will not have a lot of fatigue during the day. When you are fatigued, you tend to be moody and thus, it gets hard to relate to your friends or even to work.

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