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I`m sure as most of you know, I`m a lingerie fan! Sometimes they`re just cute and other times they can make intimate times a bit more exciting! I was lucky to get into contact with Playful Threads who has sexy, provocative & risqué lingerie to choose from! Plus, one of you lucky readers will have a chance to win a $30 gift card to their site to use however you choose! Playful Threads was kind enough to send me the Rhinestone One Shoulder Mini Dress! Now, because this for personal wearing, I didn`t think it would be appropriate to use my own personal photos, so the photos used during this post do belong to Playful Threads (with the exception of my packaged photo). First of all, I received my Mini Dress very quickly. My packaging was all in tact. No beat up packaging boxes here! I hate receiving beat up packages! So already a plus! When I opened it, my first initial reaction was this isn`t quite what I expected. I almost started to feel disappointed, but I wasn`t going to be disappointed til I at least tried it on. I held it up to myself thinking I`m sure this won`t fit right type of attitude. Finally, I had a chance to try it on. Much to my surprise, it`s better than I initially thought! It fit great! I originally thought it was going to be longer than how it`s supposed to fit, but once actually put on, it fit the way it should! That only boosted my excitement even more! Just another reminder to never judge something til you try it right? The dress is made of 100% nylon. I like that because of the material, I can actually adjust if I want to make the dress fit a bit shorter or even wear it as a shirt. It`s not necessarily intended for that, but I thought I`d throw the idea out there! Since trying it on, I love it! It will definitely be a great piece for my collection, that`s for sure! Playful Threads has tons of other pieces to choose from to fit your style and I`m sure you won`t be disappointed. Plus, their prices are definitely great! BUY NOW Can`t wait for the giveaway to end? Buy your own HERE!
$30 gift card to Playful Threads
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