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May 29, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I don`t know about y`all, but I love pinterest. I go on there and find tons of inspiring ideas. Some of the awesome ...

June 06, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I have worked with the PearlMountain company a few times now and have yet to be disappointed. They have simple to use ...

June 06, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

COPY-KIDS MEDIA, an independent media company, presents its debut DVD. Copy-Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables is the first DVD in a series ...

May 12, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I have worked with the PearlMountain company a few times now and have yet to be disappointed. They have simple to use software that ...

May 15, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

There are times in all of our lives when we’d like to bring back the spontaneity in our love lives. But our bodies ...

May 17, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Voda Swim is a new concept in bikini design in swimwear. The magic is in a the patent-pending Envy Push Up bikini top ...

May 17, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

  The Robby Wash blue laundry ball pack is designed to be used in both cold and hot water for 12 months on average with softness ...

May 22, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

  PrintRunner.com was established with little more than a small press and a dream. Ten years later their company became one of the foremost quality printers ...

April 30, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Ready or not, summer is almost here - along with all the skin-exposing fashions that come with it - and Udderly Smooth® is celebrating ...

May 03, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

As many of y`all know I had neck, shoulder, and back pain on a regular basis. On top of that, a job ...

May 07, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Mother`s Day will soon be here then up next will be Father`s Day. What will you be getting your dad or what will the ...

April 12, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Do you enjoy writing? Are you in student in school? Then you may be interested in trying out the Uglee Pen! Not only ...

April 17, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

The human body is a curious subject to learn. So complicated, yet delicate, yet strong. While I hardly know anything about it other than ...

April 26, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Do you experience arthritis, joint, and/or muscle pain? If you, you may be interested in Aspercreme. I was sent the product to try out ...

April 03, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

As I`m sure you all are familiar by now, I love Gourmet Gift Baskets! I  have worked with them a few times in the ...

April 12, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Did you know Konsyl products contain psyllium fiber, a soluble fiber that has multiple health benefits, and Konsyl Original Formula Fiber is ...

April 12, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

As the days get warmer and longer, our senses awaken, and we’re suddenly inspired to spring into action! Whether it’s taking up ...

March 19, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I love Guy & Eva`s jewelry collection! I have been partnered with them for some time now and have yet to be disappointed in ...

March 19, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Small space but love to recycle? I know the feeling! Living in an apartment doesn`t give you much room for a trash can let ...

March 19, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Sophia has never grown out of her love for clothes. She will literally change her clothes multiple times per day for no reason other ...

March 23, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Y`all may remember back in January I wrote up a review on Picture Collage Software? If not, you can read it here: https://www.closetsamples.com/2012/01/review-picture-collage-software.html Well ...

March 28, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I love cute handmade items. Regardless of what it is. I love it even more when it involves the retro style owls! On 2 ...

March 08, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

If you have been with my blog for some time you probably already know that I take a lot of photos. Whether it`s for ...

March 15, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I just love jewelry! If you have been with my site and I for some time you probably already know that. In fact, I ...

February 20, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Call me a nerd but I love home made soaps, organic soaps, etc. Basically, the ones you rarely (if ever) find in your local ...

February 21, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

I generally have sensitive gums. Sometimes they are more sensitive than others, I guess it depends on what day you ask. Recently I was ...

March 01, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

If you have young children then you`re going to love this! I got together with FunBites to bring you an awesome review and giveaway ...

March 01, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Household cleaning sucks, let`s be honest about it. It sucks even more when you have "cleaning" products that don`t do anything more than water! ...

February 10, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

**This post may contain some adult nature. There are no pornographic pictures, just a description of the product and it`s use. Please be advised ...

February 06, 2012Sponsored Giveaway

Are you into cosmetics? I`m into it here and there. What I mean by that is sometimes I really get in the mood to ...
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